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How about a key....that not only configures to any key hole, but allows you to see whats hapening on the other side of the door?

Obviously the key would need to be magically enchanted and what not.

The key itself is made out of a newly discovered material called polymoriphine. When pressed up against  a surface the material molds to the shape. For example...the key would be a smooth with a blunt end. Like a tube with a squared end.

When pressed up to a keyhole to anything....such  as a treasure chest or a door,  the squared end of the key molds to that keyhole shape and can be slid into the  hole and opened. However the key doesnt cancel out any booby traps and it cant open magically sealed locks. Then the key can view through  the other side of the lock but to only a certain area and project the image on the other side to the handle of the key in the bearer's hand. The handle is wooden and has a glass orb on the end of it, where the images are projected.

Could be used to view the contents of chests, to see if enemies are lurking behind doors and etc.

Not all the keys are good though, there are some keys that project an obscurred image. As if the  key was cursed, the key would instead of projecting dead rats in a treasure chest, it would send a projection of priceless jewels and mounds of gold.

The glass orb on the key is very durable, but if broken the key turns useless. Unless magically mended.

yes yes...any other specifications I need to make?

Are they rare items,or the kind of thing you can get at the neighbourhood mage store across the corner? And do they come in varrying sizes and shapes for different kinds of keyholes?

Nice idea. Very thievish! It doesn't unlock the door,nor cancel out any booby traps, but offers a window (perhaps obscure) inside.

That is awesome for spying on woman's locker room enemies or trying to figure out who is in a meeting. Not to mention the lockpicking portion of it!!


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