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...Somewhere located in a mountainous land, where a fallen kingdom once stood, there is an ancient dungeon which has since been forgotten. In the heydey of this dungeon's existence, it was used to contain not just prisoners, but also powerful magics and monsters.

In the dungeon's darkest, deepest level, there lies an ancient staff, so powerful that the mage who created it gave it to the king to have it sealed away. Over the centuries, the staff has gained in power and strength until it has evolved an awareness and intellect of its own, and has begun to use the power it holds to manipulate the dungeon dwellers and the local enviroment to create a small kingdom.

Someday soon, the staff may well make a bid to seize a chunk of the outside world, the better to draw in the magical power that feeds it and lets it grow in power. The staff's awareness is cold, cunning, and purely megalomaniacal in nature. It seeks, in time, to become as a god - and then more....

The staff itself was created by a wizard who has since succumbed to the ravages of time - and perhaps for the better, as he had a habit of creating magical items that weren't quite right. The staff itself is quite possibly his greatest creation.

The staff is a six-foot-lng length of stout oak, enwrapped in intricate patterns of silver and platinum that form the runes which bind the magic to the staff. Atop it is a a wicked seven-fingered talon, clutching a blood-red ruby carved to resemble some inhuman eye; when the staff's mind is 'awake', the gemstone flickers fitfully, like erratic lightning flashing through it.

The staff wields many powers, but the greatest power is how it can influence the minds of those around it. Any creature which spends time in the vicinity of the staff (a year or more of continual exposure) will begin to act as if the staff has enacted a charm spell upon it - and worse, creatures which linger near this new servant for a year or more often succumb to the enchantment as well, expanding the staff's control slowly but steadily.

The staff has many other power as well, but chooses to use them selectively. The most common is the ability to create food and water, which it uses liberally to ensure the loyalty and contentment of those creatures not yet underneath its control, and the force wall spell it can use to seal off a level, or the entire dungeon.

The staf feeds on lifeforce and magical energy; the greater the area it controls, the more power it sips each day, and the more powerful it becomes. It means to eventually craft a body, and then supplant those gods in charge of the art of magic, becoming a divine overlord...

Make the staff a character or item in the Characters or Items section.

The Orb of Corvin is a powerful magik item in the hands of a wizard (or magik user).  It is a large, unweildy thing, being a large ball of crystal one cubit (2.5 feet) in length. it glows with an eldrich light.  The stand is carved in intricate detail and has been enchanted to prevent the breaking of what ever is kept on it (why make a super powerful, unbreakable enchanted item, when you can simply make a simple item to prevent it from accidently breaking?).  

In the hands of a wizard it allows for viewing anywhere in the realms where magik or chaos is present. (Instead of chaos you can choose Evil, or the forces of X, etc).  It allows you to cast spells upon the scene you are viewing as if you were there.  Those spells have the effect of one or two ranks higher than wizard by itself.  

It also has the abilities of its brother, the staff. (Both have the ability to hide themselves and others from each other.)  However, this item has developed a lawful good allignement.  It nudges people towards stopping the evil that is its brother.   You see, the staff had decided to worship a Dark God.  In exchange for concessions, the staff will aid in the Dark God in its plans.  

Some of the monsters have been leaving the dungeon area and traveling around the country. They are looking for something....
(Some are also recruiting new monsters, formenting evil, and supporting those who worship the Dark God, that the staff ).  

That wizard was one wild and crazy guy.  There are probably other sibling items of intelligence, with their own, lesser agendas and powers out there.  
The items are immortal.  Mortals are their playthings, their chess pieces, their hands.

An interesting idea... Powerful, intelligent magical items, caught up in a war against each other... Truly immortal, never knowing the problems of aging... They'd likely take an unnaturally long view of things, long enough that even elves would seem like mayflies.

What kind of twisted history would result from that?


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