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Tim of the Night
« on: February 21, 2010, 12:04:49 AM »
Like so many fun things, it started with a mistake

(20:58:11) MoonHunter: Long ago, people were on the site at this tim of the night.

(20:58:23) MoonHunter: Tim of the Night

(20:58:49) MoonHunter: A bad, humorous vampire novel?

(20:59:01) MoonHunter: A bad character name?

(20:59:34) MoonHunter: "Who are you?" "I am Tim! ... ummm.. Of the Night!"

(21:00:32) MoonHunter: Tim is an elemental of Moonlight that has dodged his duties and is now living in the mortal realm.

(21:02:23) MoonHunter: The Night is a highly secretive organizatio​n whos goals are murky. Tim accidently witnessed the wrong things. He interfered and succeeded in stopping the terrible event. Now he is their newest agent. Armed with magical tools and some assistant who think he knows what he is doing, he is out protectng the status quo from other shadowy organizatio​ns.

21:07:27) MoonHunter: The Cousin of Tim the Enchanter, he is a noxomancer (night mage)
The delay was looking up the latin word for night)

This is a nice aside
(21:09:43) MoonHunter: Tim is actually an ancient word of "User of Magic"
(21:10:25) MoonHunter: It implies you are an important user of magic, maybe a world mage or something..​. thus.. Tim means you are the important guy...

Where to go, what to do....   

And if you want this challnage of sorts, spend two minutes, let your imagination go wild and post something to this...
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Re: Tim of the Night
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2010, 02:06:18 AM »
This happens to me once in a while too. Accidental names spawn interesting characters. I can recall two of mine off the top of my head.

One is Orth of Bost. It came from an ad in the Gloucester Daily Times that read: North of Boston. But the paper was folded over in such a way that only "orth of Bost" was visible. Orth is now one of the the progenitor deities for the Realms of Bost, a campaign setting I'm working on.

Another is Wit Gignal. Spoonerisms (taking a phrase and swapping the first letters of each word forward one word) are a favorite pastime of me and my friends. We were talking with the, now retired, AOL Instant Messager bot, Smarterchild. We were putting in spoonerisms of lines from Zero Wing (Mostly known for the line: All Your Base Are Belong To Us) just to see his replies. We entered "Se Wit Gignal" and Smarterchild's response was "Who is Wit Gignal?"

We added this name to our .txt file of random character names we wanted to use someday. Eventually, Wit Gignal was born as a gnomish detective/adventurer in Eberron. He had a Warforged companion named K.O. and together they ... Didn't get very far. But are still remembered for the inspiration behind them.

Another good name is Segassem Terces.
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