Author Topic: The Tycho Cenventions  (Read 1665 times)

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The Tycho Cenventions
« on: November 29, 2009, 09:05:26 AM »
The Tycho Conventions are legal articles I have referred back to, sometimes here, and regularly in my home game. The Tycho Conventions are like the Geneva Conventions, but rather than dealing with war, they deal with applications of super science and so forth. The basic setting is modern, but involves secretive societies and super science (Mage and the Technocracy for a functional base).

Some articles of the Conventions

A Robot shall not be programmed for use in organized warfare.

A Robot shall not be reimbursed for labor

Any Robot that becomes sentient (insert reference to some guide determining self-awareness) it is legally considered a citizen and afforded all legal rights and responsibilities this entails. A sentient robot may persue compensated employment or service in military matters.

Class 1/Human clones have the same legal rights and responsibilities as a non-cloned human.

Class 2/Drone type clones are afforded limited rights and legal protections.

Class 3/Aberration type clones are in violation of this convention. Any clone that cannot pass for human under limited medical diagnosis is in violation of this convention. Said clone is to be terminated and facility of production is to be investigated for violation.

Creche-born Humans have the same legal rights and responsibilities as a womb-born human.

A.I. :

Atomic and Nuclear Weapons:
Atomic Weapons shall not be used as determined by consequences of fall-out and long term radiation contamination.

Nuclear Weapons shall not be used unless extreme circumstances dictate the need for equivalent responce.

incomplete and still needs work. Suggestions? (No Aasimov please)
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Re: The Tycho Cenventions
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2009, 11:30:11 AM »
Interesting pieces, probably quite necessary in settings of that type... let's see:

 - are there any duties for a robot, that has become sentient, towards his former owner? Need to "work his debt off", deleting incriminating memories, preventing vengeance for abuse, etc? May not be part of the Conventions, but promises plot hooks.
 - Class 1/Human clones are not legally the same person as the 'original', nor are they considered family for purposes of inheritance, etc. But passing to them own property and so 'become immortal' is accepted.
 - (What's the difference between Atomic and Nuclear weapons again?)
 - What is the policy on disembodied AIs? Are they allowed to be sentient?
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