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Up to the gate strolls a tall figure in a dark cloak. A guitar is slung across his back and a disinctly male voice calls out, "Ho there! I come in search of songs or stories. Might you have some to share with me?"

I'm a newbie to the online rgp scene, with a lot of interest. I got a hold o some of my dad's old AD&D books awhile ago and have been looking for more information since. Do pardon this dragon-lovers somewhat poor flair for the dramatic.

Of all the things one might expect to see looking over the citadel's courtyard, a 20-foot long dragon is likely not one of the most common. Particularly one holding a box of doughnuts and lounging lazily half in shadow.

"Greetings! Help yourself to a doughnut, and make yourself comfortable!"

Y'arr! Have a good time! I be a dragon lover, too! Heheh, yep.


A young woman off to the side, alone for the moment looks up to you from
undreneath her mass of curly hair.
"greetings, I have myself became accustomed to this world. Probably for the worst." she jerks her thumb at CaptainPenguin "Watch out for him, He's just a little loonie." She moves to a stage whisper "It might just be the Grogg, Haven't tried any myself yet but looks good."  :wink:

A young elf girl stops by to say hello, "welcome, I am a lover of all things fantasy.  It is always pleasant to see a new face around.  Yes the capn' can get a little grumpy but he is a good penguin most of the time.   :wink:   (make sure and except the grog throw it out if you don't want to drink it but don't offend him by turning it away!)


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