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Game idea.
« on: July 12, 2005, 05:58:26 PM »
Hey, its me. I wanted to ask some expierienced players what they think of an idea of mine. First I must tell you all something, I havent learned how to program yet! I will as soonn as I can though! Okay now heres the idea.

 In my game(which I wil create asap) there are three nations. One nation is modled after the Romen Empire, the other is set in the dark ages, and the third is for ancient Japan. Of course they will not be completely the same, but similiar. Now, the players can choose from a list of races to choose from- human, elf, darkelf, dwarf, ect. Then they choose which country they want to live in. Then they will be randomly sent to a town or city anywhere in the nation.

 From there they can do virtually anything. Each nation is controlled by a king, and the kings are controlled by me. With that position I can pass laws, form trade, and make history. I will also be able to start wars within the nations. Or, one nation vs the other. As for soldiers I will be able to draft anyone I choose, and frome there divide the army into groups headed by a leader. To win a war you must either capture all the forts in the other nation, or kill the king.

 I know what your thinking, kill the king right? But, the king is the strongest warrior in the game, for each side of course, and is gaurded by the nations elite gaurds. To deal with the confusion of friend or foe in battle a flag will be on the back of every soldier, with a color and symbol to represent which banner he is under.

 There are also ship battles, and heavy artillary for ground troops such as catapults. This game is based around an action fighting system from the 1st person view. In short the world and options you make in the game are elements of RPGS, but the fighting is strictly action based. Each race has their own traits that will stay with the player the rest of the game, while level ups increase only health and magic.
 I am also going to try to add something I call 'weapon skill' which varies for each weapon. EX; a player with the obsidian longsword has the sword skill Airwave, which cuts through the air and hits far away opponents. The skill can only be used a number of times before the Skill bar empties. Landing hits with your weapon will slowly cause the bar to rise.

 What do you think?

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Game idea.
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2005, 12:52:20 AM »
A couple of questions:

1) Is this a video game, a MMORPG, or a forum game?  If this is not a video game, then we go "huh?" because all your responsibilities as the creator/ administrator would be run the important NPCs and kingdoms.

2) So you can do anything? Does that mean you will have to do boring crafting in your game to earn money to do more intersting things? What is there for me to do besides hunt down other adventurers?

3) Is there not some kind of big story arc you want to run with the game?  If it is just random waundering without a goal (either personal or campaign), people will run around for a while, craft a bit, then leave for something more intersting.

4) Kill the king... okay so this is a computer game with very limited goals?

5) I think this has all been done and been done better.  

Not to burst your bubble so hard, but *yawn* what makes this game any more interesting than any other generic fantasy game.  Sure yours has some turned base rts and the ability to scale between individuals and units. But we have seen that before (the Camelot game... whos name escapes me). Ultima, EveryQuest, unless your game has some really cool hook or graphics that make me doubt the reality of the world around me, much of what you have said is been there, done that.

There is nothing here that is cool or interesting or make me want to click the link to see what your game is all about.

I am not trying to be mean, but the idea... as you have described it... is the same old stuff. What makes your game any better than ones currently out there? What will make your game interesting enough to take me away from games produced by big companies or long established free games?

Might I suggest you check out some sites that specialize in computer games and RPGs. Then shake it around and try again.
http://www.ishpeck.net/ comes to mind

Oh and to see your competition: go to www.google.com and to do a websearch for free online rpgs.
Some of these are quite cool.
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