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Greetings, Fellow Wanderers and Assorted Oddballs.


Ria Hawk:
A fairly short woman with dark brown hair and the usual trappings of an adventurer wanders past.  She is Ria Hawk, traveller, student of esoteric lore (really!), part-time writer, occasional confidence trickster, and all around goofball.  

My guiding philosophy is more or less "Life is much too short to not have fun.  'Tis why I refuse to grow up."  Anyway.  I brought marbles for everyone.

"D'arr! Have yerself' a merry little Christmas with orange pie and some them Kassil's doughnuts. Of course, have some grog teh' go with it!" Says a penguin in a strange pirate get-up, waving a wooden sword spray-painted gold around.


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