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The Optimal LotR Prequel Movie

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Michael Jotne Slayer:

This is as stated above the best candidate for a LotR prequel movie.
Be sure to move on to the link called "Ideas for a Westernesse Movie:Part One." This is indeed first class material. One can only wish that this "dream" is realized.

To bad this fell off to the wayside. This was a good read and I am glad I found it.

What he said about the hobbit is rubbish. Jackson would doubtlessly fill in the fight between gandalf and sauron as it wouldn't be the first time he invented fight scenes. The movie was so untrue to the book so whats to stop Jackson putting action in the hobbit just like he did with the movie. The hobbit is also a brillient book.  :D

But it is still a children's book.  It's happy and barely hints at the evil that lurks under the surface.

Correction its told like a childrens story. It can easily become more serious if it is told differently. Besides Lord of the rings was a lot darker than film which comedy had to be added to for lack of any humor. The Hobbit is a lot nicer and has a happy ending unlike the LotR. Honestly even when Aragorn and Arwen hook up in the book Tolkien still makes it sound like a tragedy because it happened. The hobbit was more fun and in the end the battle of the five armies and the burning of that town I can't remember the name of can be made dark enough for the movie.


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