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Yarr, matey!!

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I'm Captain Penguin and I've been playing RPGs for about five years now. I started with homemade games and that's usually what I play, along with D&D. I also play some campaigns of White Wolf's fantastic Exalted game.

A penguin approaches you, wearing a tricorner hat with a ridiculously large red plume. He has a bandanna on underneath. He also wears red lensed goggles and an old British Navy admiral's jacket. "Yarr! Mates, I want grog and slop! I want RPGs!!! I want some steaks!"

He sits down in the front row of the movie theater just in time for the opening credits of "Strolen's Citadel: The Idea Guild"

...I must say that I'm highly amused by your .sig file...

...Does anyone know why my HP seems to be skyrocketing with each post? Am I merely glitching or something?

Ria Hawk:
Go look in the thread "Ideas... etc" at the "RPG Mod: You Likey" part.  Strolen explained it, but I didn't really get it at the time.  You're not glitching though.

Yeah. I think HP is your number of posts,  and percentange is the 'posts/days since sign up' at citadel factor thingy. but I'm not sure.


Just how many letters are in the Pi-Rate alphabet?


The letter 'A', 'cuz everything starts with 'A'; the letter 'R', 'cuz 'R' follows 'A'; and 'C', 'cuz there are seven 'C's' to sail around.



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