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I have been playing some sort of rpg for over 20 years.

Wow that sounds like a long time.  I haven't been playing religiously, but I play when I can meet a group of people that I like playing with.

My main experience is with D&D.  I started with basic edition at first then 1st edition and up to 2nd edition.  I was about to start experimenting with 3rd edition when all my rpg buddies moved away :(

Sometime before they moved away I played a little Palladium with Strolen.  I even talked Strolen and another buddy into playing Shadow Run (My personnal Favorite).

Shadow run, for those of you who don't know, is the perfect blend of mages, shamans, samuri warriors, and technology.  Ahh good times…

p.s. I did manage to kill Strolen and our buddy during that game :(
What can I say I was my first Shadow Run Game Master Experience?

Pirate Penguin:
AYE!!! me name dosnt not matter. have you tried makeing yur own RPGs?

Nope I have never tried to create my own.  Although making my own RPG does sound intriguing, since I am usually at odds with some limiting rule.

I usually like to freely modify the game system I am using, by bring ideas up to the committee (the rest of the players in my group), to see if it is reasonable

I do that often as well, the steady rules get dull after a while.

I love to make my own systems! Yay!


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