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From somewhere above, a reptilian form slowly spirals down from the skies, finally alighting in front of the citadel. The creature is, indeed, a dragon - one a good twenty feet in length, and given a crimson-brown hue across his scales. Strange looking, for a dragon, though, with ears atop his head and a smooth spike jutting from his tailtip, to say nothing of the soft gleam of silver from his scales.

"Greetings! I am Kassil, and I seek to join this place! ...And I come bearing a gift of doughnuts!"

"Now wait a second," says a penguin in a ridiculous plumed tricorner hat."Stop the film! What kind of ancient dragon is only twenty feet long!?" He screams, then grabbing a doughnut out of the dragon's box.

"One who can change what size he wishes to be, of course." Kassil grins, such as a draconic muzzle can grin, and dips his head in greeting. "Enjoy the doughnut - I've a sizable chunk of my hoard that's comprised of a tribe of elves working for me as doughnut bakers..."

A winged jack rabbit with antler's lands at the scene with a jingle from his belled collar.

"Everybody knows there is no such thing as a dragon." He grabs a jelly donut between his paws and looks around? "Where are the mirrors? Can you make my in-laws dissappear?"

Rabbit takes a big bite out of the doughnut and fails to hit jelly, "Tell those elves of yours to put the jelly in the middle of the doughnut!"

"Oh, welcome by the way. No time to say hello. Goodbye. I am late to be early for an appointment."

"Welcomed ye are, be ye a dragon or not. Yer gift is greatly appreciated. I am the true ruler of this place."
Exclaims an elderly figure, sitting in the corner on a silly-looking throne. Ignored and overlooked by everyone else, he continues:
"Ah, what a tasty sweet... too bad I'm on a diet. As a ruler I must be an example for all my subjects. I care for them, you know?"
(Despite that, he does not return it.)


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