Author Topic: [Byrlothia] Voyage of the Belsun Rouge  (Read 3508 times)

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[Byrlothia] Voyage of the Belsun Rouge
« on: June 06, 2005, 08:12:20 PM »
(Modified from Captain Penguin)
1. I make the rules and have complete control over story events, including character death if absolutely neccessary.
2. No powergaming, muchinism, etc....
3. I would like to keep the game running at a somewhat smooth pace. If you will be absent from the Citadel for anything more than 5 or 6 days, please let me know via PM so I can know to take care of your character in the meantime.
4. See Rule #1.
5. Also, follow all rules not hereby outlined that are outlined in the Freeform Rules in the regular Freeform board.
6. Please no smilies or chatspeak in the roleplay thread.
7. The RP will be taking place in the world of Byrlothia. Please take a moment to brush up on the setting before posting a character and starting play.
8. Try to keep your actions open ended. No stating the results of a given action, especially in any combat you may get in. I need to have control over these in order to provide proper plot and suspense.
9. The only Byrlothian race I will not allow as player characters are the drakulia, since they are rather limited and they don't get along with anyone but themselves anf the pah-magi anyway.

1. There are little amounts of blatant magic in the world, beyond the engine-crystals of the airships. The runes are weak and the human nature-magic has limited short-term uses. Most nature-magic rituals are time-consuming, meant for more powerful effects.

2. Rune magic, used by elves, gonme, dwarves, and kreesha, is somewhat limited at this point in time. Example effects are as follows: creating a slight breeze in a small area; stitching together a minor wound; helping a larger wound, such as a broken bone, heal slightly faster; rune combinations should be set up when you create your character so you and I know what you are capable of. Just PM me with a few ideas and we'll put them together.

The Story:

The renouned eccentric Lance Bringham has put a call out for people interested in making a voyage for a great treasure, one that he recently learned about from a book he procured. He has a private airship, called the Belsun Rougeand he will be financing this trip. The RP will begin with the players going to a group meeting with Lance at his manor in Rhuinopolis. When we start you will be arriving in the city, on your way to this meeting.
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