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ThirdLand-The Point
« on: June 05, 2005, 05:17:42 PM »
On Arth, blue mist often accompanies any mysterious transportation. People of Arth sometimes get lost in the mist and find themselves other places. The WarpSwamp of SecondLand is filled with this dark skyblue mist. Some say Demonti (or Ge-Em) uses it to transport (or copy) things from other places and times. (The Demonti or Master of BlueMist is called Itag. The mist is said to be his body) No matter what the cause, things disappear into it and Strangers and other things appear out of it.

Recently and most notably was MaskLand.

The Point is along the Imperial road between Antioch and Avalon. Blue mist is often found in this tiny biome.

The Point is actually a good sized rock embedded in the soil, approximately square- three by two and a half imperial strides (meters) in size. It is raised from the soil level by a handspan or so.  Long ago, three concentric circles (small, medium, and large) were inscribed.  It is upon The Point that many strangers find themselves on Arth, slightly off the center.

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