Author Topic: A Fallen Glory  (Read 2691 times)

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A Fallen Glory
« on: May 29, 2005, 03:55:59 AM »
Name: Torin Mishun
age: 27
weapon/s of choice: A Great Sword/ Crossbow/ and two custom made pistols
   made by his buddy down in celestia named Sioux.

He was once a member of the Group called the mockery. Then he left to make his own living as a bounty hunter. Now he is after a guy named Serk. Serk has just been banished from celestia and thrown into the ocean, for kidnapping a princess and a mask from ion, a large bounty was put on his head (btw, celesta is a megacity in the middle of the sea, they are technologically advanced, but the outside world is medeval)
Serk is however still alive, the princess is in the mockery's hands, Serk plans to come and rescue the princess at a later time and wishes to take the leader of the mockey out of his office. That is his very own father IZAR NECAL.

Torin stands on a street corner brushing his head in a bored way. He looks for crew members to go off and catch Serk, then bring him to justice in the kingdom of ion. However Serk's where-a-bouts is unknown. Last place he has been seen at was in a forest 100 miles to the east.
"This day will be quite a slow running day..."
People continously walk by without even noticing, so Serk walks down the street, looking for potential people to help.

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A Fallen Glory
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2005, 12:46:30 AM »
Karen olderhand: 19 long black hair tied up in a loose ponytail, slim, tall, large bust, wears a long black skirt, and a small bustier which is red, on her back she has a bright golden sword and under her skirt she has various knives and daggers. she also wears a long black cloack which hides her face if hood is up, she has many pockets inside the cloack which hides many different vials, containg healing potions, poision's and a bit of invisibilty potion.

Karen walked slowly down looking at the floor thinking to herself, "it's so boring here" she said aloud to herself, she gave a huge sigh and looked back at the floor, "i haven't had a job for a good three months" she said sulkily, she looked up, just in time to bump into someone just standing there looking up and down the street's, she fell to the floor.
'What goes up!! Must come down,"