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« on: May 06, 2005, 09:19:32 AM »
Having done the Plot 'Hostage Escort', I find some people wanting more detail on the land of Althial.  I will try to put some of that here over the comming weeks (I gotta work as well unfortunately).

But first a little indulgance is begged.

Althial is a land within a RPG world that I created primarily for myself and my gaming friends.  When I created this world it pulled from a variety of sources, some of which may be considered under copyright by other people and I am not sure how to, or whether to place in this information.  It may be something as simple as a name or a general outline.  Not much of this affects Althial, but will affect some of the surrounding areas so forgive me if I miss afew bits out until someone explains where I might sit legally or even creatively.  I am also pretty crap at working out names so this is also partly the reason why then names are often similar

Also please forgive my great lack of skill in utilising these forums to their full capabilities as they are still petty new to me.  

Anyway, on with the show...

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Althial - Brief background and potted history
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2005, 10:19:34 AM »
When I created the world of Arnor, where Althial lies, I was aiming for a sort of cross between the visual look and feel of the (then) recent Lord of the Rings movies, and also for heroic fantasy inspired by the likes of the David Gemmel novels.  

The wolrd of Arnor has little magic, not for use by the Players anyway.  I have deliberately kept this back from them and the world is low-magic.  It is there, but not for the players to use, it is normally used against them, although rarely.  Technologically there is little plate armour, chain and ring being more common.  The Cross bow has not yet been invented.


The world is created by Anu (an earth-mother type) and her consort Avataar  (the heavens).  They create everything on the world including the Arawn, the people of the world.

Avataars brother, Mehdlyn, hides upon this world and acts as a corrupting force, eventually tainting Abraxys, leader of the Arawn.  Arawn, with Mehdlyns encouragement, demands immortality be shared with Arawn.  Displeased with this Anu curses them to be ever-dying.  Their flesh rots and falls and they become skeletal.  

Undeterred by this the Arawn try to break through to the land of the gods.  Their ritual spell is deflected by Avataar and instead breaks through to the Otherworld, where the Arawn now go taking Mehdlyn with them.

A side effect of thier spell creates creature born from deep magic from within the bowels of the world, they are the Elves, Dwarves and Dragons (Ogres also but they are nor recognised)

The Arawn launch an attack from the Otherworld to retake Arnor but are driven back by the combined forces of Elves, Dwarves and Dragons.  In the battle many of the Elven cities are destryoed and the Elves are forced back to the forests to protect themselves.  Many then adopt these as thier homes after the war.

Relationships between the Elves and Dwarves become strained, the dragons dissapear.

Anu decides to create Man after the Elves and Dwraves refue to honor her as a goddess.  She deliberately creates him with a lust for life, to explore and grow.  Man does so, guided by the Anaithsol, servants of the gods who liase with the Elves and Dwarves to encourage them to teach something of what they know to Man.

The Four Lands of Arnor are created, Althial, Pelthial, Gomanthsol and Sircyn.  Man also moves further out to Brytyn and past the Dry Lands into other continents.  

A series of earhtquakes strike Arnor, opening up deep gashes in the ground.  In Pelthial the Arawn land on shore, now lead by the Vampyre Lords, and thier armies of Orcs and Trolls that they have created.  They blast upon huge horns, the Isil-Gan Augdrsol, which call to life the dead across Arnor, creating an army for them.  At the same time hoards of Orcs and trolls pour out of the gashes in the ground attacking the lands.  Goblins swarm out of similar holes in the Dwarven mountain realms and Attack the Dwarves.

The Vampyre Lords take Arnor, set up a fortress in the Mountains of Mourne.  After years of rule by the Vampyre Lords, the Anaithsol manage to forge an alliance of Man, Elves and  Dwarves.  They manage to reawaken the Dragons and begin the long battle to win the land back.  Eventually, lead by the Man Galanthus, they defeat the Arawn army.

Galanthus creates five lands, the previous four are reborn, but some of their land is given up to allow for a central land called Alaithor.  Before long, dissent begins to grow, much of it created by the Althial people.  Glanthus looses his allience of Dwarves and Elves and is left to fight off the rebelling forces himself.  The eventual end only seems to come when Galanthus' heirs dissapear.  

Althail has now established fresh borders (Alaithor manages to survive) and now begins to fight within itself to establish who its own rulers will be.  Sivis emerges triumphant and declares his the First Family who will rule over the others.  From now on the First Born male son of the First Family will sit upon the Iron Throne and rule Althial.