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The wonderings
« on: May 06, 2005, 03:46:10 PM »
(Ok well having this in the Roleplaying thread wasn't much of good idea, so im posting it here to make it better...lol any ideas?)

Kalabar sits on a rock in the middle of a lake, not a lake of water, but a lake of blood. His eyes roam the insides of his thought, as his teeth grinds. Images in his head, ones he wished weren't there, the ones of his family, all dead by Lycans. Other thoughts race through his mind as the day he first entered the under world, the very same day he got his wings, he lost them to the god of the underworld, oh how he longs for the day to get back at him. He opens his eyes and looks around seeing nothing he continues to think. He closed his eyes and began to think, first in thought was how much he hated the Lycans, next was what he was going to do to them, each one he wanted to rip off their heads, and drink the blood, but the another thing that came to mind was" Why would they kill his family?".

He got up from his spot and jumped to the ground by the lake, his eyes focused on the road before him, and his mind still wandering. He walked down the long road, a road that split his two parts of his mind. The sane one and the one that just wanted to kill every thing he sees. A slight sound startled him, he looked into the bush and saw something jump out, all it was, was a small animal, a rabbit, or something created. At first site you would think it was a rabbit, but when you looked closer it had horns, sharp teeth, and blood dripping down from its mouth."What was it?".

He continued down the long road and laughed a bit to himself, as his eyes started to glow, witch really meant one thing, something strong was on its way and he wished that it would have came at another time. The wound on his right arm was still gushing blood, the wound caused by a Lycan. A sound was heard in the background, like a howl, he couldn't believe it, it was another Lycan, next thing he knows is that he is being held to the floor by a Lycan. He hated them with so much lust, that out of know where Kalabar latched out a bit the Lycan's eye out. The Lycan jumped back and yelped in pain, Kalabar laughed as he pulled out his sword with his left hand, and swung. The blade entered the Lycans head, killing it instantly. He slowly walked down the long road keeping his eyes out for what ever seemed to appear.

Within a few minutes the world went black, or was it his vision, so much pain went through his back and his head he didn't know what was going on. It felt like something was ripping into, or out of his back, wings emerged, in the magnificence. His long black feather wings, emerged into the air, dripping blood. A gust of wind helped to get the blood off, and lighten the wings."Why...why, did they come back"he began to wonder how in the world that happened. He tried to stand up, but the pain was still to immense to move, he couldn't tell what was going on, or why all of this happened, but what he did know, was that he couldn't wait to use them.

The pain finally subsided and he walked to a small fresh water river, only about 3 feet deep, and 5 feet across. His Wings dipping into the water as he bent down, the blood washing away as the river flowed between the feathers, lifting the blood off slowly but surly. The wounds around the base of the wings, getting cured, because that one thing that cures Kalabar, water. His hands shacking from the pain, that was clear in his memory. He stood up and shook the water off, and looked around, a Lycan in the far distance staring at him, knowing what had just happened, it thought that it would be able to take this time, to his advantage, the Lycan came flying down the dirt road, at about 85 miles an hour. Its feet like lightning, as its feet hit the floor, it left a sound of thunder. The Lycan snarling, and drooling at one time, waiting to finally take Kalabar down.

Kalabar Pulled out his sword that was at his waist, and aimed it toward the Lycan. Just before the Lycan would strike, Kalabar swung, cutting into its Jugular vein. The Lycan falling, from the shock, began gasping for air, the Lycan not able to heal since he was cut with a silver blade. Kalabar laughed at the Lycan as it suffocated to death on the floor. The Lycans chest started to cave in from lack of oxygen.

Kalabar took his place under a tree and looked at the only entrance to the blood lake. Awaiting for someone or something to enter, he didn't care if he had to wait for a week, he was going to site there, anyone that comes here, would have to be strong, and Kalabar wanted to fight anyone that was strong.
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