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Whee. I'm not flying! ::runs around in a small circle::

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cleckmoon. I have seven years experience with freeform RPG's, and i'm trying to break into table top type RPGs, but having little luck. I wandered over here in search of a Freeform RP board, and I seem to have found a little niche of one here. And there was much wootage.

I've read a bit of what is on the page, and it's quite a good resource. As well as interesting.

So, ladies and gents, how might I break into this little society? Free ale and whores!


Jump on in, the water is great, then you can give yourself an appropriate innappropriate title.

If you are looking to freeform, it is as simple as that. There are only a few of us actually playing at the moment, but any game is open for you to mess around in, or start your own. I will play as I can, and perhaps others may join as well. Warranty is void if tag is removed.

There is no set structure or posting time, we are just goofing off as our leisure time permits, so if you are looking for a hardcore timetabled freeform game, hope you brought some friends.  :wink:  Hope that wootage didn't make a mess.

Be happy to have you join!

D'arr, Matey!

Welcome to Strolen's Citadel! Have fun and all that. Swill some grog, eat some sushi, play some freeform RPGs. All that shed monkey fur in a hand drum.


Ria Hawk:
In deference to my pirate friend there, welcome aboard!  Like Strolen said, only a few of us are playing right now; there are only two games that are current.  Although I would be much amused if you managed to start making the dead ones work again...  Anyway.  Life is good in the Citadel.  Prolly one of the only places where people have a discussion about whether or not the orcs were portrayed  fairly in the Two Towers movie.  It's great!   :o

All are welcome at the citadel.

Poof, you have joined

On another note (Strolen read here), I like that Cleckmoon introduced himself.  Maybe we should have a “Know your membersâ€? section.  There we can or can not post more about ourselves (time playing, preferred genre, thoughts on orcs in general) then just a quick and dirty comment and title.


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