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It took some time for me to gather the courage necessary to see The Two Towers, the movie.
It took some more time to write about it.

There were some things (alright: many things) I did not like, there were a few I sort of liked, there were some I accepted, for a movie being shorter than a book, and there were some I simply could not believe. We could could debate this for much longer than the movie itself took.

But there was something behind all the fancy special effects and way too much stunts, that troubled me. And after a moment it struck me: it's the Orcs.

Remember The Hobbit?
There were some Orcs. They lived in the mountains, and were generally a nuisance. They liked nobody, and nobody did like them. They caught some travellers, and had some fun, played court-and-justice before eating them.

Remember The Lord of the Rings?
There were some Orcs. They were servants of a dark power. They did not necessarily like it, but had no problem with killing and looting and making war upon the filthy Humans and Elves. OK, most of them liked it, they were evil, cannibals, would torture prisoners just for fun too. Yes, they were evil. There is only that one minor paragraph that speaks differently...

--- Quote ---...But anyway, if it does go well, there should be a lot more room. What d'you say? If we get a chance, you and me'll slip off and set up somewhere on our own with a few trusty lads, somewhere where there's good loot nice and handy, and no big bosses.
Ah! said Shagrat. Like in old times!
--- End quote ---

Sounds more like pirates liking freedom, and living off others. Perhaps not so Evil, who knows...

Seen the movie?
There were some Orcs. They are willing servants of a dark power. They are ugly, d**n ugly. They are born unnaturally, and are unnatural themselves. They kill and loot wherever they can. They seldom speak and mostly give off some grunts or screams. Besides being ugly they look pretty much the same. Despite some evil Men seen here and there, most of the time it
is only Orcs doing the war.

To explain finally what I am babbling about:
- In the books the Orcs are what they are, they live how they live, and smell like only Orcs could smell. And they are killed en-masse, but no wonder.
- In the movie, they are only there to be killed. They are monsters. They are Evil. They are ugly. I was slightly surprised why SO ugly, but then I understood why. They are so beastly there is no help but killing them, no one feeling the slightest bit of remorse. There are hordes of them, but just to make the heroes shine more. They are inhuman. They are enemies, and deserve only to die.

And I do not like it.

The books don't tell directly, but I personally feel there is a chance, that one day, in many years perhaps, there may come a time where Orcs could be viewed as good neighbours. Yea, they are evil and cruel and so-and-so. But, they have a few reasons of their own:
Their Masters above all, and you should not forget mutual hate with the other races. And perhaps seeing others having what they are denied: a peaceful life. In refference to the Ring was said, that even Sauron was not evil at first. Most things were not evil at first, and some may be yet saved, even if they are evil now.

I don't see a trace of this in that movie (ehm, all this being a deeply personal view of course). THEY (the Orcs) are just there to be killed.

I do not like it. Does anyone?

Good point. I too noticed the shift from the books to the movie (From redeemable to insanely evil). The theory of redeemed orcs is a good one, and it gives me some interesting ideas

ok the orcs in the movie look mor like goblins hehehe
and i dont like that

In Tolkien's books, orks and goblins were the same thing. Thats why they look like goblins

In the movie, the creatures that were born unnaturally were Uruk-Hai (Go here for a description http://www.lordoftherings.net/index_303_jo_shop.html), not just Orks.  In Tolkiens books Orks and Goblins are not the same thing, else there would be no way to mix them and make the Uruk-Hai.  The Uruk-Hai are unnatural hence their unnatural birthing process.  Now I will agree with you that their method of being born is not discussed (at least I can not remember) in the books, so the producers took a little creative license.

Orks are evil, they are made from the tortured bodies of the first-born (elves).  Morgoth (Sauron) captured and twisted some of the first-born to create a twisted version of elves.  There is no good in Orks.  Incidentally, Morgoth twisted a version of the ents to create trolls.

Oh yeah, don't forget to go here and give them your contempt for being stupid http://www.twotowersprotest.org/


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