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If you are introducing somebody to live action medeval/dark ages type fantasy movies to really give them a core collection what titles would you pick?


Lotr- the set. It has set the new standard.
Dark Crystal
Clash of Titans
Conan the Barbarian - I hated the movie, but it is a milestone

My hall of honor/ special consideration
1) Princess Bride
2) Adventure of Robin Hood (or any historical Errol Flynn fils)
3) The Three, Four, and Five Musketeers (from the 70s)
4) Zorro (Original or the recent one)
5) Flesh and Blood: My vote for the most realistic historical.

Some of these are repeated from Moon's list for the sake of completeness. Not all of the movies are essential, but all had an impact on my development as a fledgling gamer. This is why you wont see LoTR listed, as it was released well after my more formative years.

Lord of the Rings (animated)
The Hobbit (animated)
The Last Unicorn
The Dark Crystal
Sleeping Beauty
The Sword in the Stone
The Black Cauldron
Clash of the Titans
Conan the Destroyer

Ancient Gamer:
Actually I'd recommend books and comics instead...

Anyhow; I would probably reflect upon the personality of a potential player before I recommended anything. The following movies might be on my list:

-French and english renaissance movies
-Japanese and Chinese legend/hero/war movies
-Lord of the Rings (The movies DOES make people want to roleplay, even though they were far from true to Tolkien)
-Bram Stoker's Dracula (spoiled by the onslaught of lousy vampire films in recent years)
-Some of the Excalibur movies, but none of the more recent ones
-The Gladiator
-Swashbuckling pirate movies

There are waaaay too few good fantasy movies by the way!

Don't forget to add Dragon Heart!

This is what I get for coming to the thread late:  all the good movies are already taken, and Maggot's wearing the same dress as me...

I would also add Hawk the Slayer.  It's cheesey, but so are most LARP's, plus the acting, dialoge, and storyline are fairly similar to many live-action fantasy games.  

Shichinin No Samurai, a.k.a. The Seven Samurai.  It's medieval, if not European medieval, and just a really great piece of cinema.  

While it's not a Dark Ages setting, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is certainly fantasy, and is arguably the ultimate roleplaying movie.


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