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rpg´s and videogames

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ok somo of this title´s are adventure ando some are rpg ando smo are both let´s vote for the best ( i only put the title not the entire saga)

if you know of more games just tell and we add it to the poll

Not sure where Age of Empires (even microsoft can get lucky) fits in. I LOVE that game.

I voted Diablo though. The way I have been playing games the last few years I NEED a game that I can just jump into and play for a little and jump out. Diablo puts you right in it and for some reason it is addicting and fun.

I think Baldur's Gate would do well if I ever had time to get into it. I have it on my shelf gathering dust waiting for retirement when I can put some serious time into it  :wink:

Ria Hawk:
I am unable to vote, as I have never played any of those.  I'm more of a Starcraft fan.

i think morrowind is the best

maybe if you try to play morrowind one single time you would say the same  :shock:

question how can i do to add another game to the  poll?

To add another game, click on the edit button on your original post and it should have all the poll options.

I played Daggerfall for awhile. I kept getting mad that I had to start over a few times for whatever reason. I think that is a really cool concept that you can go anywhere and do anything you want and only have to follow the storyline if you chose to. That is one game I know I would like to go back and do some more.

Isn't Daggerfall the first in the series? I haven't been keeping up.

If so then I would probably agree with you on Morrowind.


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