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Recently DVRed Wristcutters: A Love Story, a movie about a guy who commits suicide, wakes up in limbo, which is a crapsack wasteland of where he lived and is populated solely by other suicide victims. He goes on a road quest to find his girlfriend who he learns also committed suicide, but is derailed by a quirky girl looking for the people in charge because she shouldn't be there because she didn't commit suicide. Distinct characters, some familiar faces ala Kubiak from Parker Lewis Cant Lose, and an engaging story.

In the last two weeks we have finished:

Covert Affairs to the current season

Once upon a time in Wonderland.

Once upon a time - up to the current season.

Dr. Who, up to current season.

I've been on a kick of ripping DVD's, which has been making it more convenient for me to watch all my old childhood favorites: Highlander, Beastmaster, the Mad Max series (I am hopeful yet fearful of what they'll do with Fury Road), Blade Runner, etc.

For s**ts, giggles, and a little bit of 90's nostalgia, I bought, ripped, and am also rewatching the entire 5 seasons of Renegade.

Man, shows were so naive back then. Hmm... that reminds me... I don't think I ever finished the Highlander TV series...

Oh, I'm also leisurely making my way through Moribito. I very rarely watch anime, but this one is pretty enjoyable.


Been awhile since I watched Outland. (Before today, that is.) Seems to me it's held up pretty well over time.

Reign of Fire...again.

Always loved this movie. I know many don't. Nice pre-super-fame performances by mconnaughey and bale.


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