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Saw the worst movie ever made last night. Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast.

The premise: A huge shark hunts scientists in the snow. That is all.

Finished House. I am a sucker for his don't give a s**t sarcasm and the show formula only got old a little bit near the end.

Love Psych, Castle, and The Mentalist and bounce between them to keep them a little fresh.

Family has been watching The Big Bang Theory From season 1 for the past couple months and love it. Not sure how I would compare it to Community as they are both awesome in their own way.

Watched Homeland and American Horror Story while in Japan and they are both entertaining enough to continue. Also watched Fringe which bored me rather quickly. Same with Warehouse 13 when I tried that, both were just blah to me. I could get into Supernatural eventually but too much to watch right now. Still spoiled by X-Files as my one true love I think.

Still have to catch up with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead which are both, obviously, awesome.

The BBC Sherlock is outstanding and end of S02 was pretty good. Haven't tried Elementary but it is on my list.

Person of Interest will keep me hooked, I guarantee, and Arrow is a nice romping Super Hero show to get that fix.

Watched the first season of Falling Skies and I liked it quite a bit. Much better than Revolution whose premise pissed me off and failed to properly prime my suspension of belief before it did all kinds of stupid crap that didn't make sense...made it through maybe 2 episodes.

I have watched all of Vampire Diaries and I think their legends and folklore are simply outstanding. Just when I think they are getting dull they come up with some kind of magic or binding that just ties it all together so nicely. I watch it just to see the vampire legends they are weaving. Lots of fun. Also watched True Blood but that chick's teeth piss me off. Only worth watching for the sex because the plot is crap.

I think that is my last yearish of viewing history in a nutshell.

Europa Report, it was a doozy. Boring at first, captivating if one perseveres.

Ancient Gamer:

Want to see this one.

Those were good books.


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