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What DVDs/ Video are you watching

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In the spirit of the "What are you reading" thread, it might be interesting as to find out what you are watching.  You can include the current rental if you must, but lets see what you are viewing.  

There are three DVD (sets) that I am currently watching.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Homes (The last few episodes with Jerremy Brett)
3 disk set, with 6 episodes.

Gargoyles Season 1
Much animated goodness. One of the few series that can be called authentic American Anime.. or Anime in the American Style and no Japanese elements.  Much like the Batman Animates series, Batman Beyond, and the Justice League in art and quality, but better.

Spiderman: The Animated Series
This is the one from MTV. Picked up the last set of episodes I did not have.

Lawrence of Arabia, which I now have in DVD is awaiting some free time AND The Last Samurai is in a similar situation.

Ancient Gamer:
The latest Jason Bourne DVD
Alien Resurrection
Mad Max 1
Seven Samurai

Bad Boys II
Chronicles of Riddick
Enemy at the Gates

Episodes of "As Time Goes By" a british comedy
The Neverending Story(much better in book format)
The Matrix Trilogy

Anxiously awaiting April 29th and the release of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

The first season of Angel,that hit Buffy spinoff.


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