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People of the Ring - Avatars
« on: March 10, 2005, 01:56:16 PM »
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The Eternal Ring is filled with spirit, thus it is filled with life. Powerful spirits maintain the flows and order of the universe. Lesser spirits learn of the universe. Souls conjoins with vessels (material forms) to create life in all its form.  The Eternal Ring is dominated by the Spirit of The Eternal One, drawing oversouls back to itself. These oversouls, filled and awakened by the eternal force, reach out and "touch" their component souls, creating avatars. Yet many oversouls are distant from the radiance of the Eternal One or have not touched all their various embodied shards. These soul shards are still the majority on the Eternal Ring.

They are the Mundanes.
Most of the people of the spheres. They are part of their sphere and support its way. They are largely unaware of the existance of Avatars and Oversouls, despites their attending the Eternal Church and utilizing its healings.  They go about their lives, living their basic experiences, die, and are eventually reborn in a new vessel, usually on the same sphere.

1) Are 99% of the NPCs in the world, performing most of the functions in the world.
2) Are 100% compliant with the world's way and character creation mechanics.
3) If left alone, will just muddle on their existance.

There are a few mundanes who are somewhat more aware of the Avatars. They are usually The Leaders of a given area.  They recognize the power of the Proctors, through the Eternal Life Church. They understand something of the Gylds and the various contests whos results impact their lives.

There are people, a lot of people living on the Eternal Rings.
It all starts with mundanes, souls joined with vessels that are tied to their sphere. Many of the souls are fragments of oversouls. They are not conscious of their spiritual status.

Yet the Spheres of the Eternal Ring are (cosmically) close to the Eternal One. Here their are sleepers.  Souls enriched by the amount of Eternal Energies. Here some can become awake and aware of their status.

Vessel plus fragment makes a sleeper. It is when the oversoul's attention falls upon a given sleeper that they awake.

Things of the material world follow the material form... skills attached to Vessel.

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