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Main Species of the Eternal Ring
« on: March 09, 2005, 02:36:14 PM »
Most of the people on the Eternal Ring are Humans, but there are others.

Where there are souls, there will evolve vessels for them. Most of the spheres on The Eternal Ring have similar echos, re-occuring elements. While there are a few intelligent species that are only found on a specific sphere, there are a number of intelligent species that have sprung up time and time again (sphere and sphere again) on The Eternal ring.  The reoccuring races are called Main Species.

The Main Species have the following in common
Approximately the same features
Approximately the same size (or size range)

Build and Stances:
Each vessel will have a build, either light, middle, or heavy. Light Builds are smaller, thinner versions of the standard, emphasizing speed and spirit, over bulk, strength, and constitution. Heavy are taller, broader, versions of the standard, emphasizing strength, endurance, and size over speed and spirit. Medium Builds are just that, the medium/ avarage that things are measured by. So build will determine some stat and toughness modifiers as well as the size chart height and weight are determined by.

Stances are like builds, except for entire species. At this point, only main species have Stances. (So a vessel of a Main Species will have both a build and a stance). Not all stances will be available on all spheres.  The Middle Stance is the "average", setting the standard for the species. The Hard Stance emphasizes the physical over the mental and spiritual. In some cases there will be avataristic (primitive/ animal traits) associated with it. Soft Stance is the reverse, softer and thinner species, concentrating on mental and spiritual aspects at the sacrifice of the physical. They will tend to be the more beautiful and charismatic peoples. There will be modifiers and other aspects added to the various stances

Humadi (Humans)

Cedri (Elven-esk... in some ways a Soft Stance of Human)

Gered (Dwarf/ Gnome... in some ways a Hard Stance Human, except shorter)

Grothi (Goblin/ Orc/ Troll)

Fey (Weres, Faries, and Vamps) - Generally disallowed races, as part of the Lunar Gyld problems. Restrictions on travel for any member of these species.

Other species

Wind Folk:
Winged Humans

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