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Campaign with Problems
« on: March 08, 2005, 11:35:40 PM »

   we have an female elf ranger, a Kinasi female wizard. a vos male fighter, and two brect theifs one being a sorcer ( man i cant spell so please bear with me :D )so a prievous D.M. left us in a hostil part of Ghoere in the Birthright campain setting. its in the province of tornielin. a backwater place that every one else in the country makes fun of as country bumpkins, but they are just rustic. anyway the group dinamic sucks. the one theif /sorcerer plays the 6 basterd son of a Brect ( read trade based society with power belonging to merchants not knobles).  His whole character concept is to play the exact opposite of what everyone needs him to play.  No I'm serious! When everyone else is preparing for battle, he decides to take a bath.  One time when we had to disarm a trap in a maze, he decided to go exploring because the current scene bored him.  Now this guy is one of my good friends and we meet like four times a year to role play, 4 out of the 6 people are from out of state and fly or drive in.  So I am trying to make this adventure fun so here is what I got so far.  

So right now they are in a dirt poor village on the boarder of a swamp.  I have the Iron Guard (the midevil version of the SS) rounding up the local peasants into two groups.  One group will be shipped off to the front to be used as cannon fodder.  The other group will be shipped up north to help dig through some old elven ruins to find a supposid magic weapon.  Enter the two main vilans in the form of the Swordmage and a Mystery Cult to the God of Striff and War Belenik.  The Swordmage is a wizard suitably higher in level then the party that will be used as a plot 2X4 to escort them in what ever direction they go.  Which ever direction they do go, I will have a nobels daughter become attached to them, if they go to the front I will have them be the daughter of a nobel who is incharge of a keep on the border.  If they go to the diggings, he will be in charge of the excavation.  Either way the daughter will be a kind hearted soul who sees them as being out of place among the local peasantry being pressed into service.  She will also try to move her father into releasing the peasants as well.  Enter the Mystery Cult who is manipulating her father into a)  starting a war with another country, or b) digging up the elvin weapon for themselves.  I'm going to try to work it so the cult kills the daughter before she can make a real difference and implicate the group.
sorry guys I know that is really long, but any input you have would be greatly appreciated.  Also any input you have on keeping a group motivated even though a couple of the players refuse to take plot bait.  I realize we could ask them to leave but we have all been such good friends for so long (seven years of playing) that is not a possibility.  

Thanks Marcum

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Campaign with Problems
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2005, 01:02:37 AM »
Sounds like you got a loonie on your hands. Now don't get offended. What I meant by loonie is aptly detailed in Moonhunter's article about Gamers Gone bad #2: Roleplayers

Read that article.

In addition you may find some good tips in Moonhunter's top tips for 2004
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Campaign with Problems
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2005, 10:06:53 AM »
Okay a couple of things.  

1) The advice is sound. You can't go wrong with that.

1b) The point of a game group is to play together. If he does not want to "play along" simply leave his character behind. Then make sure the GM does not get back to his character very often (shifting point of view). Denied an audience and the chance to make mischief, most loonies and attention hogs get better.

1c) Talk to the player. Maybe he does not get that the idea that he is disrupting the game for most of you.

1d) The GM should not feel bad about removing characters who don't fit the campaign. Take that how you will.  If the player keeps making characters that don't fit the campaign OR keeps playing them that way, ASK HIM TO LEAVE. If he just wants to make trouble or distract people from playing, why have HIM around. So talk with other players in the group, you are putting a lot of effort into getting together. While he is a good friend and a nice guy, he is disturbing the game.  Ejecting this player may be the best thing for your game group.

(To be honest, over the twenty nine years I have gamed, we have "stopped playing with" three people. One of them we created a Dog character, so he would not be able to speak, no hands to push buttons with, and could be ignored by us in social situations. Thus, not the person who you want to have a long in a game. They are people I still see and do other things with, but I refuse to play with them. You are not a bad person for wanting not to play with them. )

1d) Ask yourself a question, would you hang out with such a nutty character? If the answer is NO, then why would your character?  Ask the other players the same question.  If you abandon the crazy one

2) To make your post better, simply cut and paste your post into a word processor (installed as a default in most machines), run the spell check, then cut and paste the post back. There should be an English dictionary installed, though disabled. If not, you can normally load said dictionary for free. Let the machine do most of the work for you.

3) You can break the post into paragraphs, making it easier to read.
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