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Each Sphere is a "world" with its own look, feel, and rules. All follow the same basic "rules". It is upon these rules that the Eternal Ring and the Avatar depends. A few spheres, called Moon Spheres or Crescent Spheres (because their red gate points have crescent cut outs), have their own special rules. Normally these spheres have abilities, powers, or magics that only work on a specific sphere, but sometimes crescent spheres restrict the usable of normal abilities, powers, or magics. Some crescent spheres have cosmetic requriements (i.e. you have to have equipment (and sometimes a species) that fits the world.

Each Sphere's look and feel is fairly unique. Most of these spheres suffer from Lucas syndrome, with one environment type and one culture dominating it. The Proctors (with the aid of The Priests) also define The Games (the kind of competitions and conflicts) allowed up each sphere. More upon that, as you read each sphere.

One last thing. Each Sphere will have a GatePoint and The Eternal Church (though the look of the church might vary).


Generally The GatePoint is upon a raised platform. On the center of the platform, is a red circular halo suitable upto five people to enter, defining the gate zone. The Gate Point is often framed by an arch or container of some kind, that fits the look of the world. This could be a set of standing stones, a transporter cone, a cathedral of trees, two intertwining Venician statues, or what ever best reflects the Sphere. There is often a public square or temple build around the GatePoint. In one place, the gatepoint is always on a train that is just about to pull into the Great Central Station.

There is supposed to be free travel to and from a GatePoint. In some cases there is a "toll" to enter the city around the gatepoint. Sometimes you can get a proctor to escort you directly to the gate to avoid the toll.

Once an Avatar is on the GatePoint, they can will themselves to the next world in the ring. Travel is then DeSol or Widdershines (Counter Clockwise or Clockwise) along the Ring. New Worlds appear along the ring as they are added to it. If the Proctor's have blocked access to a sphere, that character "skips" over it.

There are Five Worlds with two GatePoints, one Red and the Other Blue. The Blue GatePoints transfers one to Cynosure, the Central Proctor's Sphere (Which is one giant city with different areas having different rules of reality-to be detailed later). Cynosure has five green GatePoints, back to these five worlds. Thus you can sometimes "cut across" the sphere by travelling to Cynosure, saving time in jumps. The Proctors charge 10 Coyns to utilize the Cynosure gate (unless you are a Proctor, Militia, or Agent, then it is free).

There are rumors that The Proctors, with the aid of priests, can create temporary gates elsewhere in the world, allowing them to import monsters to a sphere. But this is only a rumor. But if only one gate point is allowed to be active on a world at a time, it would explain the odd periods of time when certain spheres/ gates are not available.

There are an unlimited number of spheres that could be on the Eternal Ring. Your campaign will have most of the worlds you like, plus a few required for the Ring Campaign.

Here are some example worlds, many of which are going to be expanded.

*) Cynosure: The Proctor's world.
*) Shallanar: A standard fantasy world.
*) Porthian: A standard fantasy world with the addition of bonded animals. Bonded animals, being sleepers, can not travel the gatepoints.
*) Pellicuidar: An inner earth sphere, but a standard fantasy world in a place with constant sun.
*) Mannath: A world of tall towers and home of the StarGuild (Magic Guild).
*) Twilight: A standard fantasy world shrounded in perpetual twilight and littered with ancient cities and tombs.
*) Freoth: A world of ice and cold.
*) Imperium: A Roman World.
*) Solaris: A world with an Egyptian theme. A crescent world, limited to local magics rather than standard magics.
*) Gothum: Crescent world: Enter the world of the Pulp 20s and 30s. A Humans only world, where a temple/ chapel is in a train pulling into the central train station.
*) Regency: A world where the Regency period is played out. Muskets function here. Crescent for "look".
*) Oceanus: A world covered with mostly oceans. the action occurs with aquatic people below the waves. The Gate enters into an Eternal Life Temple where the Priests can convert you to an aquatic species. The most notable features are the downward staircase that leads into the ocean.
*) Scaramous: This is the world of floating islands and skyships. Falchon, an angelic appearing race, is found here.

Each setting will be set up with a look, and the most common themes.

*) Skarven  Looks like the American Southwest.  It has riding dragons of all types (grounds or skys)
*) Crylos  The Crystal World.  The "land" is full of hexagonal towers, making for leaping and jumping puzzles. 
*) Shadowed Moon  a world where there is sunlight for only the briefiest time each day and monsters of the night are everywhere.
*) Fallen Earth - Zombie Appocolypse - allows firearms.


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