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The Eternal Ring Intro - bullet points


1) The Eternal Being - The Eternal One - Is the prime soul of the universe. This soul broke itself into various fragements so it can experience all the universe has to offer. These fragments are called Oversouls, they to fragmented themselves into various Souls that inhabit bodies the universe.

2) The Ka, or central concentation, of an oversoul can be transfered between its various souls segments, allowing the Oversoul to take over that being. When they do so, that lifeform becomes an Avatar of the OverSoul. This manifests a Halo about the character that only other oversouls can sense.

2b) Those soul segments in flesh which are not visited by The Ka are called Sleepers. For at any moment, it's Ka will touch it, and it will "wake up". When the Sleepers are not awake, they go about their daily lives minimally aware of their special nature. They remember little of what the KA directed them to do and just sort of accept the changes that have occured around them while the KA was directing them. (You can tell Sleepers because they seem to have more detail about them than simple mundane beings).

3) Those Oversouls and Souls that are closest (cosmically) to the Eternal One have more awareness of the One's existance and their immortal nature. This allows them to utilize their special nature more effectively. Besides there ability to consciously switch their KA between their souls, they can utilize the Akashic Record and The SubAstreal realms for a variety of purposes.

3b) Some Oversouls are filled with more Eternal Life Energies because of this proximity. They become it's hands- the Priests of the Eternal Life Church. The Priests and associates have special abilities, the most important of which is the ability to heal and alter the living and the souls.

4) The Region of worlds that is cosmically closest to the Eternal One is called the Eternal Ring. These worlds are linked (in a ring) by gates created by the Church/ Priests. It is on this ring of worlds that these cosmically close souls "experience".

4b) Each world has its own rules that dictate what can and can not be done on it. Some worlds have no magic, others have no technology, while other still do not allow one to use menal powers. Violation of these rules, if possible, will bring down the wrath of the Eternal Church or other Oversouls.

4c) Using the Gates, Oversouls can move specific Avatars between the spheres/ worlds to experience a variety of experiences. (Some oversouls simply transfer their KA to a soul on an appropriate spheres/ world).

4d) Each world's gate is situation appropriately to the world. In worlds where The Gate and the Glyds are well known, it is inside a large public building. In worlds where they are hidden, it exits out into a grand central station or a terminal to explain the avatar's coming and goings.

4e) If the world has a gate point and empowered by the Eternal Church/ Force, additional world rules can be added to the world by scribing new elements in its listing in the Akashic library via the gate point.

5) Some Oversouls, via their Avatars, organize things and run the ring system. They are called Proctors.

6) Some Oversouls group together in loose alliances (Gylds) to compete with each other for greater prizes set up by the Proctors.

7) Proctors set up competitions and quests to keep the Oversouls admused and experiencing new things. Proctors, working with the priests, define the acceptable conflicts for a given sphere (i.e. set up various "games. One game might be the noble intrigues of courtly living, another might be Law Enforcement vs Organized Crime, another might be a grand world war. What is possible various from sphere to sphere.

what an incredible concept! Were you influenced by gnostic thought? There is some backstory that is buried deep in my own writing that seems very similar to this, which I piggybacked from old greco-roman gnostic writing. I like the idea of a distanced diety, and souls that are unaware of their divinity as they are buried deep within a vessel. What is the status of avatars as people? I realize only oversouls can recognize other oversouls, but does becoming an oversoul's avatar give a vessel special knowledge, or perhaps insight into the eternal one's fragmenred whereabouts?

To answer your question, most of this came from writings from various authors from the Theosophical Society, Blatsky in particular.  They in turn, borrowled liberally from the Gnostic writers, Tibetan text, and a lot of Indian and Chinese philosophies. 

A similar thread of thought came to fore from the renewed interest in reincarnation that filled paperback bookshelves in the 70s.  Again, writers adopted any source which "spoke to them" and fit their world view (though sometimes shoehorned in). 

Sharding is a popular term in recent years for the spark of the divine (the hidden god, the shard of the divine) in each soul. 

The Avatars are just people, though when the KA is focused on it, they tend to be more lucky and have more "random events" focus on their existance.

The difference between the spiritualist view and the game applicable view is that the avatars are "normal" when the KA is not present.  They might be a bit unusual, but they should be well within the norms. 


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