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Shattered Realms - Player request
« on: August 21, 2005, 06:06:42 PM »
Hey, I'm new, so have some mercy please. :) I guess I'll have character sheets here and once we have enough and have all the questions answered I'll start it. Tell me if I did or do something wrong.

The Earth was with form and no void; the darkness was contained in the deep. So the Spirit of the First moved upon the face of the waters.

And the First said, Let there be darkness: and there was darkness.

And the First saw the Darkness, that is was good: and the First culled the Light from the Darkness…

The battle between good and evil has fascinated storytellers for centuries. Epics tell of heroes overcoming the greatest odds to defeat. In most of the epics, all the hopes and dreams of the heroes come down to a final battle between them and whatever evil decided to afflict the world. Earth had its final battle. We lost.

He was the first Channeler and through a tragic flaw, horrific life, or general weakness of character he became twisted by his power. Through a series of events, ones that have, for the most part, been forgotten, the world became the hell that it is now. The one main event that the First caused was World War III, though it wasn’t much of a war but an “exchange� of nuclear weapons. The radiation and global warming melted most of the polar icecaps flooding the coastal cities that weren’t already craters. Humanity, whom used to overpopulate the world, was reduced to eking out an existence underground.

It was 5000 A.A. (After Armageddon) when the world cooled down enough to be habitable on the surface; humanity emerged from the underground and spread from the 7 underground settlements to a grand total of 54 protected city-states. North America is the only fully habitable continent, but the First lives there and the billion people that “live� there are his slaves. Africa was the least bombed of all the continents, but the radiation and acid rains did their job at destroying the land there. Europe was scorched. Asia wasn’t as damaged considering its area, but India, China, and Russia were leveled. Australia was decimated when the coast flooded. The Middle East was wiped out from chemical weapons. Outside of the “cities,� are the vast twisted wildernesses inhabited by the Ruined. The Ruined are offspring of radiation and apocalyptic conditions, huge predators that stalk the wilds and are repelled only by the military might of the city-states.

The City-States rarely have contact with each other since it is suicide for anyone but Channelers to go outside the Walls.

When humanity emerged from the underground we thought that the First had passed on and so we grew, ever on the alert for the Ruined, to the grand total of 54 city-states. But he was only biding his time in the Wastelands; the tortures and atrocities committed against the unfortunates that fell under his black wings did not sate his hunger. The depravity that the First felt in his soul could not be satisfied by such small sacrifice, he needed to taste the loss of hope. So he let us build our cities and let us dream our dreams, until he decided it was time to strike. The First was quick and the cities fell, the Channelers only able to slow the slaughter. Now there are only 18 city-states left and they will soon fall.

We are perhaps the last of the Channelers, and hope is in its death-throws, but there is one last sliver of it left. A last ditch effort to save humanity is being born in Neo-London tonight. A summons has gone out through the governments of the city-states for any Channelers brave enough to enter into the heart of the First’s domain and stop him for good.

A Channeler is a person that can manipulate great power. No one knows exactly how Channelers can use their vast powers. Some think it’s the power of belief, some think it’s a gift from god, but right now it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that they can use their powers and through them we have a chance of beating the First.


Types of Channelers
These are just suggestions and I’m always open to other powers. Mixtures are also welcomed; just remember that you sacrifice potency for versatility.

Energy Casters: Can control energy in a chosen form. Ephemeral Elements
Examples: Light, Darkness, Sound, Plasma Energy, Magic

Psionics: They control the realm of the mind
Examples: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Emotion

The Evolved: Everything from shape-shifting to super physical abilities
Examples: Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Shape-Shifting, Animal Traits

Shapers: Can manipulate a certain type of matter or element. Physical Elements
Example: Earth Control, Water Control, Weather Control, Temperature

Fate Spinners: Probability and positive and negative energy are their domain
Example: Luck, Healing, Death Control (Negative Energy)

Character Sheet:

Type of Power:
Description of Superpowers:

Remember that these are just guidelines, feel free to create your character how you want to, but just remember to wait until I have approved it until you start posting. Also, if there are any questions feel free to ask them.

My Character:

Name: Kyle Tanner
Alias: Sacrith

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Personality: Sacrith is emotionally shutdown from all the horrors he has seen and committed, caring very little for those around him. While he shows some concern for those around him, it is only because they are a part of his plan. He is also very intense and driven.

Appearance: He is very emaciated, just skin, bones and muscle, to the point of being grotesque. His gauntness is emphasized by the fact that his skin is perfect, no scars, and no skin imperfections, just a pale white. His hands are dexterous with long fingers. He keeps his hair short with a buzz-cut and it is deep black. Although for his age and appearance, he is not balding. He wears a black robe with a rays of white wrapping out and around from a center spot over the mid-chest of the robe. It has a cowl that hides his face. His eyes look sunken in from his emaciated state that shows is high cheekbones and square jaw. His eyes are black.

Type of Power: Fate Spinner-Positive and Negative Energy
Sacrith has the ability to both heal and harm living creatures. To use his powers, Sacrith must concentrate and use precision, he cannot blast people with negative energy or positive energy, for him healing or wounding a creature is a precise process and he must concentrate exactly on what he is healing/hurting.

Equipment/Gear: Sacrith carries a satchel where he stores dry rations. Under his robe he wears a flak jacket and reinforced Kevlar pants. He carries a compact repeating rail gun that shoots hyper-magnetized shots made to pierce heavy armor and one heavy pistol. His equipment isn’t top-of-the-line but it is effective.

History: Widely known as the Torturer of New Madrid. Sacrith is infamous as one of the First’s Lieutenants. He recently gained his freedom from the First and unknown to almost everyone, sent out the call to strike back at the First. Maybe in destroying the first can he hope to gain some penitence for his sins under the First’s dominion.