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Cue Neo Sound-Bit "Woah"

All I could say was Woah.


This is not a dream, or something someone wants to do. This is something someone did do. And they game with it.  Woah.

I mean the closest I have seen to this was the large poker table with a Monitor underneith that the GM controlled by their computer (which was attached to the table). That was Woah, but very clunky to build and use. This rocks.

Your thoughts?

Ancient Gamer:
My thoughts?

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I'd lose my female gamers if I introduced this, but the lads would howl with pleasure.

The idea is good, but I'd develop less "computer game-ish" maps for use during play. I'd also lose the miniatures altogether and integrate them on the map.

This is one possible future of roleplaying, where every player can custom design their characters and project them unto the GM's premade computer maps.

I need a drool smiley!

I'd lose my wife if I introduced this. ;)

I think the minitures would be fine on it and easier than trying to allow each player to maneuver their character via mouse. Although some software like Paintshop with multiple layers would open up quite a few possibilities.

That is just frick'in cool!

The possibilities.........groooghglrghth

Reading through that thread, I see that some people had the exact same thought that I did upon reading this--stick it in the "ultimate gaming table" and project upwards onto the glass.


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