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Thanks for the Bump.

Added a few, removed a few. Have fun.

I like the idea of magic requiring two people. As a matter of fact, I think a whole new arrangement of magic could be made from that thought.

Imagine that magic requires two people, however they don't have to be of the same school of magic. Examples!

A Clerical mage merges power with an Elemental Fire mage. Using this combination, they are able to cauterise wounds. Now, two clerics together couldn't do that as they don't have the power of heat, and two fire mages together couldn't do that, as without the healing direction of the cleric magic, their flames would be uncontrollable and do more damage.

A guild dedicated to building constructs could be made, and filled with earth and spirit mages who link to give spirit and life to lumps of cold earth. Perhaps somewhere, Spirit and fire mages have learned the secret of how to create fire elementals.

Now, I imagine that each school will be taught different views and values. It would be interesting to see a death mage try to convince a spirit mage to merge powers and make the undead.

A Fire and Water mage creating flames which give frostbite instead of burns, or form liquid fire.

And now I see an acadamy of magic; The first five years are spent learning the chosen school with people of your same talents. The next three years are spent mingling with those of the other schools, learning how to combine their powers to make the most out of them. And imagine the inventive ways your PC's could use combinations of magic to get out of or into situations.
 - As a matter of fact, you could begin your roleplay with the PC's starting as first-year academics in this place. Have them not know of each other, and not know much about how the magic works. Have the roleplay span over the eight years of their studies (with perhaps a few side-plots) and then into the real world. I can see how those studying death-magic would stay to themselves, bieng the 'scheming, prank-playing and potentially dangerous' bunch of the school.

Anyways. The first hurdle would be to decide which schools of magic were available. Another hurdle would be to actually write out a whole bunch of spells and such which two linked people can cast. Or perhaps write out some common/base spells, but then leave the whole school open for PC's to try out - the GM can decide whether the spell would work or not.
 A third hurdle would be to write out Different schools attitudes, religions, mannerisms and social standing with the other schools. I can see that the most powerful and awkward combinations would be between two casts who are naturally at opposite ends (such as life and death, body and mind, fire and water)

Good fun!

Exactly what I've had in mind. :p

Random Philosophical Bits/Chrome/Societal stuff:

Social group: like to be servants, see themselves as the stronger ones

Society bit, from an "evil" society: (or at least a harsh one)
A justice system, where it is easily possible to be convicted without any actual guilt or evidence - which is seen as just, as those, who cannot defend themselves, cannot survive anyway. But falsely accusing people is tricky, as proven ill intent can easily turn against the accuser. Judges are old, honorable warriors that haven proven themselves as trustworthy. These hard men oversee the courts, and will not be fooled by trickery of either side of the process.

World Background or Mythology: There are two groups of powers, related to mortals: those on the 'positive', and on the 'negative' side, facing towards them, or outwards from them, giving them, or taking from them. Two sides, so simple, and yet so hard to see through for the mortals... for much depends on what they give, and what they take, with what they aid, and what they hinder. Depending on this, and what the people think about it, they are called good, or evil, demons, and gods, and angels, and spirits of many kinds.

Some give pain, some give happiness. Some will help your life, some will help with your self-destruction. Some take your luck or property, and some take away the suffering. There is no clearly defined good, nor evil in this world.


Location/Strange Place: a burial area for the victims of plague

Solar system: a weapon testing range for an advanced race (a planet exists already)

Location/Strange Place: a place where one can embrace the absolute truth, and can only speak the truth; however, for the one who touches it will be all of the lies they said during their life immediately obvious to the people that know of them... so one should think twice before swearing on it. There were even sickos that have done this on purpose, hurting many in the process.

Strange Place: a large pond, where things mirrored are not the same as in reality (and make it something better than this sounds, duh)

City Image or Neighbourhood or Village: everything is kept clean with care and desperation. Bad things are supposed to happen when everything isn't clean. (Monsters? Curse? Superstition?)


Unique, an "oracle" - a crystalline lifeform, that happens to react on air vibrations, like voice. For some reason, it is stimulated by the complex patters of human speech, and can respond even, so it "likes to talk". It needs to be said that is without any intelligence, it still remembers all the 'conversations'.

It is really a glorified ELIZA, that has picked up over the millenia quite a vocabulary - and it is likely to switch the language at a whim, or combine words together that make no sense. Definitely an Oracle you need to see for a good prophecy. Put into a suitably hard-to-reach place (say a cave on the top of a great mountain), and there you go!  :twisted:


--- Quote --- - Consider finding archeological info on Ancient Civilisations(tm), ie how long it takes for structures to fall apart, bodies to rot, etc. So what stays behind after 10/100/1000 years?
--- End quote ---

Caught my eye, and I've been working on and off on it.  You never realize just how hard it is to find stuff on it until you actually go and try.  Putting it up in Advice Requested. [3754]


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