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Another two words: Ant milk.

Cheka Man:
A pterodon type race.
A changeling race based on the My Little Pony one, but different.

Heart Crafting

Using the essence of the Smith Mage and the one who wants the sword/shield/item to create a totally unique and powerful item. Power of said item depends on strength of the Heartcrafter as well as how much both are willing to sacrifice of themselves.

If it hasn't been undertaken yet, I wouldn't mind giving this one a go:

 - A potent artifact, possibly of godly origin - the mighty hammer covered with runes, able to create mighty magical weapons, or hammer metals not otherwise workable. Problems:
1. it is _ quite_ intelligent, and talkative
2. until it is really persuaded of the need to work, it is soft as rubber

I like hammers, and have wanted to do a weapon/item that is sentient/AI


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