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Sounds like Rachet and Clank...


--- Quote from: valadaar on June 06, 2013, 09:55:13 AM ---Sounds like Rachet and Clank...

--- End quote ---

Oh? Never played that game. I was just so pleased with the double entendre of nuts.

Me and my son liked it. Cartoony platformer on the Playstation(s)

Two words; Astronaut Wizard.


--- Quote --- A potent artifact, possibly of godly origin - the mighty hammer covered with runes, able to create mighty magical weapons, or hammer metals not otherwise workable. Problems:
1. it is _ quite_ intelligent, and talkative
2. until it is really persuaded of the need to work, it is soft as rubber
--- End quote ---


Keeps on insulting the PC's with a very gruff accent at every opportunity it can, telling stories of HIS legend that makes HIM feel more like a Legend and making him feel that he is made for only a legend!

Only through understanding of the PC's does he start to ...power up. They do acts of Heroism, Charity, Courage, and of Selflessness and he starts to understand and sees more and more of the legend he wants growing in the PC's, unlocking more and more of his abilities as they succeed in what he consider's "Legendary Acts", or "Acts that Make up Legends".


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