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Cheka Man:
A Holy Grail that only keeps a person immortal within a small area.

Listing of "A New Take On" small forest creatures.

A Squirrel that eats birds.
Snails that secrete a substance that assists a sharpening stone to make a finer edge.
Mosquitoes that swarm to the smell of alcohol.

My favorite paces to dump ideas... besides my gmail account is....

Those random game ideas you know you'll never use or develop, but are nifty anyway.

Followed by a few hundred campaign ideas

101 Supers Settings

101+ Science Fiction and Science Fantasy Settings

101+ Horror Settings

The most chilling version of the god afraid of his creation has to be "Evensong" by Lester del Rey, in the  _Dangerous Visions_ anthology from the late sixties, edited by Harlan Ellison. 
A powerful alien, held prisoner by creatures he once uplifted, bides his time until he can break free from his bonds, only to find that his mad dash of an "escape" has led him back to the original planet, where he first met his captors. 
Soon enough he is recaptured--the very bushes move aside to reveal him to his pursuers--and to his plaintive "Why? I am God.", his captor replies, "I am Man."

Squirrel-bots that collect bolts and nuts.


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