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So little time and such high desires...

...these are varied half-ideas catching dust in my files. Sadly I can't find enough time and/or energy to finish them. And therefore, I offer these bits to anyone willing to work on them. If you join this "list" please supply at least a few things. One-liners are (mostly) not accepted. On the other hand, somewhat complete ideas may fare better in the Ideas section on the main page.

Citadel Ideas:

 - Create a HOW-TO for Powerful Magical Items (especially for people that like to create them)

 - A Privateers/Corsairs "study" article - history, effectivity in warfare, applications for us...

 - Consider finding archeological info on Ancient Civilisations(tm), ie how long it takes for structures to fall apart, bodies to rot, etc. So what stays behind after 10/100/1000 years? - Pariah is working on it. Help would be useful.

 - Create a list on Primitive Cultures - barbarians, natives, primitives... Stone Age to Bronze Age

Magical Ideas:

 - a school of magic based on a flesh-penetrating touch - contains healing applications, as well as nasty hand-to-hand combat techniques.

 - what if all magical effects must be performed with at least two people (say holding hands or whatever). Always. Also true for priestly magic. (Developed a bit below.)


 - The Generals sword - if someone is defeated in a fair fight, his opinion of the sword wielder rises. May "create" allies, friends, or at least make sure the enemy won't backstab the wielder, once he turns his back to him.

 - A potent artifact, possibly of godly origin - the mighty hammer covered with runes, able to create mighty magical weapons, or hammer metals not otherwise workable. Problems:
1. it is _ quite_ intelligent, and talkative
2. until it is really persuaded of the need to work, it is soft as rubber

 - A spider-like web, artificial, immune to fire but not to cold. (surprise)

 - An item offering useful rat-powers in exchange for becoming more and more rat-like.

 - A Drop Of Fate (potion) - allows imbiber to see the oft-hidden connections between people, things and ideas, and discover the truth meaning of all. Very useful for criminal investigations for instance; overuse leads to insanity as expected.

 - a tooth collector (Hey this has been made!)
 - a Sin Eater
 - the sweeper of dreams (from a novel by Neil Gaiman, I think)
 - the spirit of refuse of a town, or cities in general; refuse means the trash, as the people
 - third-man: artist, makes symbols for shops for trade, is well informed on all the shops in town and can tell where can be found what - for a little fee.
 - mythic NPC, lycantrope, helped to institute better and somewhat official relations between weres and normals, one of the few known by name to the outside world

 - the tiny things floating inside of the eye.

 - the plant that grows and gets ripe in winter (magic can do)

 - A city where people of various stations live on different floors. The higher floors have their own 'roads' (bridges) connecting them. Historical reasons (defense). (Used?)

 - A location where everything was turned into stone. There is a simple peasant house, with animals and all, fleeing people, etc. All are like perfect statues... it's just they look too real. (Used as a dream)

 - Dungeon: The greatest tree in the woods has a secret, there is a dungeon under it made from the intricate web of roots. What creatures could reside here? What secrets will the PCs uncover?

Random Philosophical Bits/Chrome:

 - "Revenge is Good" - it is your duty to get even, always, in the name of cosmic balance

 - Base a belief on the thought of a "Liquid Soul"

 - Organisation/cult? Vision of own death, that can be taken or refused. Taken = great glory and death, not taken = unsure fate.

 - A creator god afraid of his own creation - mortals, for example.

 - Temples, unless devoted to only one god, must have altars/sacred places for all deities, including the darker ones. Reason dictates to hide such places from the public view; thus the locked doors and alcoves obstructed by statues, furniture, etc. While paid attention and brought offerings at special events, they are most of the year empty and unwatched, so excellent hiding/meeting places for some people unafraid of the gods... or at least hoping to pass unnoticed.

 - The power of a spirit in the afterlife depends on their deeds made while alive; more powerful the bigger the influence on the world (the more of the world was marked by this soul...). Its 'sphere of influence' depends on past deeds, too. Thus a king may find himself a very powerful spirit, or a low creature compared to his chief advisor.

 - Cultural/artistic bit: people and creatures of greater importance have a larger shadow, as related to body size

 - Cultural chrome: all people have their graves prepared while they are already alive.

 - Punishment: aside from jailing, people will have their lifeforce drained for serious offenses, aging for years, but mostly not to death. The lifeforce may be used for healing others or simply 'discarded'.
One day for a scratch.
Three weeks for a wound.
One year for a limb.
Your life for my tomb.
(children's rhyme)


A civilisation: building large out of necessity, as they lived during a short ice age. Each town was self-sufficient as possible, only necessity was wood, plus a little hunting (there were large animals back then...). Trade was limited (mostly fish, metals, tools, few luxuries). New towns usually arised through conflicts - some people are chased/split off, and either have founded a new place or die.

A tribe, where alcohol played a similar role as tobacco to the Indians. As mead (the only sort of booze they knew) was very rare, they used it mainly for ceremonial purposes. Its ability to make people feel relaxed, and to change their state of mind (so lying became harder), made it the prime choice at any negotiations.

After meeting a more advanced culture with lots of alcohol of many types, and the skill to produce it, the tribe fell on hard times as all the proud warriors and chieftains fell prey to alcoholism, and heavy drinking became the norm.

 - they could be a desperate band of vagabonds people laugh at, indeed barbarians
 - they could have sold their ancestral lands, and found themselves without a home, without skilled hunters and few supplies
 - or the whole tribe has hidden in tall mountains, where it awaits the day when they loose their addiction... until then, they are said to hunt down and slay anyone who they even suspect of having alcohol
 - or whatever

The Power of Litany - a secret group that concentrates on creating alarming and apocalyptic ideas and movements, to manipulate public opinions and achieve some evil goals. Bad news sells better. (Used)

That last one- the creator god that's afraid of his own creation, that's spookily cool!
We've gotta do something with that.

Added a few more.

As for the creator scared of own creation, I was always wondering where do those allmighty beings vanish after creating yet another RPG world. Perhaps, being close to all-knowing, it knows those tiny humanoids will eventually become even more powerful than it, and will probably destroy it... the ultimate irony if the creator is really the stereotypical pure goodness, that left its creations the freedom of choice.

Terry Pratchett wrote a smallish character in one of his books, I believe it was "The Last Continent". The character was a god, but he was rather akin to the nutty professor or Dr Brainard in the movie "Flubber"(just watched it the other day; amazing the memories you get into when watching childhood movies). Anyway, this god, was in the process of creating the world, it was back in the past of Discworld and he hadn't quite completed everything yet. For one thing, he couldn't figure out how to get the animals and plants to create more of themselves, until one of the wizards decided to fill him in with a few of the details, which he promptly took into account, creating the act of mating. Your comment about the god who was afraid of his own creation made me think of this character.



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