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What I want to do with my god system is convert most of the lesser important gods in to spirits (Like in the Shintoist sense)but it just doesn't seem to work. I also want to put in some of the Call of Cthulhu deities. I don't know where to put them in. Could somebody tell me how I can accomplish this?

Seems like no one replies, for it is a pretty hard question you ask!

Write something about the gods you have got already, and those you want to include.

How exactly do you imagine that spirits? Not much knowledgeable about Shintoism, except the fact it exists :? :(

I agree with manfred. Please give us some kind of summary of what gods you have, what shintoism is like, how you were thinking about applying it, what Cthuhlu esque dieties you wre pondering and so on.

Once we get a better picture, we'll be able to help.

what is shintoism ??

and the thing of cthulu gods maybe is a bad idea but i dont know anything about your world or realms? if you can give me more info i maybe can help you out with that

These are my Gods:
Aniat, the Goddess of Light
Rau, the Lord of the Sun
Ben-Hanan, the God of Mercy and Healing
Vothanion, the Lord of Valor
Eldai, the Earth Mother, Goddess of Elves
Illusen, the Huntress
Hemalno, the Patron of Adventurers
Ordwun, the Dwarf-father
Selune, the Moon Dancer
Tyche, the Lady of Luck
Elhrim, the Tree Lord
Taular, the Skyfather
Kiros, the Lord of Illusion
Loku, the Trickster, the Goddess of the Storm
Tosh, the Trademaster
Vesperian, the King of the Caverns
Gels, the Lawful One
Danu, the Silent Queen, Goddess of Natural Death
Sappho, the Gem Goddess, the Bringer of Love
Malgh, the Forge Lord
Skadi, the Mountain Goddess
Thourd, the Ugly God, Lord of Honesty
Fenris, the Wolf Lord, Lord of Winter
Tethys, the Empress of the Ocean, Goddess of Water
Saphieth, the Lady of Murder, the Goddess of Darkness
Mote, the Lord of Starvation, God of Unnatural Death
Hashut, the Lord of Darkness, Master of Evil
Seerth, the Prince of Lies, Lord of Evil Thieves
Nergal, the Lord of Flames, Master of War
Chern, the Unclean, Lord of Sickness
Araushnee, the Spider Goddess, Lady of the Dark Elves
Otheur, the Lord of the Fish, the Fisher King
Oneiros, the Lord of Sleep and Dreams
Tamul, the Old Man of the Desert

Shintoism believes that in addition to 5 million gods, all things have spirits that govern nature and existence.
In my campaign, the spirits would be like lesser gods.


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