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It is not done yet, but check it out


In a land of demons, vampires, Lycans and who know what, there is a small city called "Demons Gate",this is the most dangerous place that you can go in the Land of Crychemerre. The safest place is called "Heaven". Heaven is in the far north, and Demons Gate is in the far south.

There are many places to find weapons and armour that you need, but its hard to find a place where there are no fighting. Since Heaven is the best place for peace you should go there...if you have a pure heart, and you have made no wroung doings

Alot of people come just to see the demons gate, they wait all their life because of made up stories, and they wanted to see if the stories were true. Many people come and none ever return, do you want to find out why, come and see.
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