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Prepare For The Storm!
« on: February 19, 2005, 05:37:14 PM »
"A sword is a trusty friend..." or,
Welcome to Ageratos

Where are the borders of the Earth?
I have often wondered.
Do they lie just beyond the sea, on the edges of the ice? Do they lie beyond Bohaaki after all, as some may say? Where thence come the Traders of Xoa Tan, and the Corsairs? Are the walls perhaps in the far-away Land of Yor, beyond the Poison Sea? Do they lie at the border of the sky? Are they beneath the Earth?
I think that there are no walls. There is nothing to keep back the dark, no protection against the drawing-in night. I know not whence come the Traders of Xoa Tan or the Corsairs, I know not what lies in far-away Yor, or at the border of the sky, but what I do know is this- the Outer World is not as far away as it seems.
But we cannot fence in the Earth. We mortals have not that power. The only defense we have against the powers of the Outer World is that great invention of ours: steel. When enemies surround, and the world is a corpse with a gilded surface, a sword is a trusty friend.

Ageratos is a massive land which lies between several seas and barrier wildernesses. There are large tracts of unexplored and unsettled land in this place, and many lands which are the homes of only barbarians.
The current Kingdoms of Ageratos are the product of two-thousand years of turmoil, begun by the migrations of the barbarian Agerai from out of the frozen north, led out of the icy Sea of Death by sun-haired Mysa and his tribe of iron-wielding warriors.

The most important thing that newcomers should know about this land is that magic is not some trifling thing to be toyed with by just anybody. Magic is the power of the Outer World, the ways of the gods and the demons. There are no petty mages, and wizards are no common thing. There is no sorceror on every street corner, no seer in every home. The way of heroes in the Kingdoms of Ageratos is the way of steel, the way of the sword. Heroes in Ageratos have either great strength or great cunning, and those who have neither survive not long in the dark places of the Earth.

Another thing to know is that Ageratos is not of an age with the Medieval times of most lands. They do not build castles, nor do they wear plate armor. Their temples are ziggurats, fanes, and shrines, and their gods are many. Many of their metals are bronze, and iron is the possession of rich men. The kings are autocratic and divinely-ordained; the priests are Magi, gazing upon the stars and casting horoscopes, and working great curses and blessings. You will find no gunpowder or printing presses. You will find no clockwork or steam power.

Ageratos is a huge place with thousands of miles of unexplored land. There is much to do, and so little lifetime to do it in. There are lost temples and cities to explore, warlords and barbarians and sorcerors to battle, demons to repel, wilderness to explore, adventure to be had.

You had best get to work, hero.

Prepare for the storm!
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