Author Topic: Lithan: a demon's attempt at godhood  (Read 1669 times)

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Lithan: a demon's attempt at godhood
« on: January 31, 2005, 03:12:14 PM »
Here's an idea for a character.  This is probably complete enough to post as is, but I'd like your help and input before I post it on the main part of the site.

A few sheep and a small cottage.

Lithan's massive body is made of grey rock.  He stands head and shoulders above the tallest of men.  His jagged features are softened by his eyes; two black spheres that stare sadly off into the distance.

Filled with the lust for god-like power, a young and powerful fiend lord studied the tomes compiled by his ancestors.  He read with interest of mankind's creation from dirt imbued with life through powerful magic.  Using his own lesser magic, he set about creating a new humanity.  What his profane magic conjured was only a mockery of the human form.  The rock that was used in the ceremony was not transformed to flesh, as it was with the original creation.  The stone monstrosities were large and ungraceful.  His power lacked the intricacy of work that only the gods are capable of.

He set the two, one male, one female, on the earth.  Observing, but not interacting.  When he introduced himself, he wanted it to be as impressive as possible.  But as he observed them, he noticed that his creations were all too human.  They showed affection for one another!  How could his creations have such repulsive virtues?  He hoped that they would see the errors in their ways, and so waited.  Lithan, the male, began to philosophize.  He created a great hierarchy of virtues.  The virtues he thought to be the most important were justice and hospitality.  The fiend would have no more of this.  When he finally showed himself, he struck the blow that would cause the most suffering.  He slew the female, and left Lithan to live in misery.

Lithan wandered, seeking revenge for his loss, but not knowing the perpetrator.  Few could help him, and fewer would help such a monster.  He settled into a forest, building a house and tending sheep.  He will show hospitality to any that ask for it, and will sacrifice his own life before he lets harm come to a guest.  His fervent desire to bring justice to his creator has dwindled over many years, but will flame again if any clues can be found.

Roleplaying Notes:
He seems to be in constant vacillation between sorrow and fierce anger.  He is proud.  This means he keeps his motives private and will not ask for help.  If offered, he will accept only if he may help the other in turn.  His moral code is developed around justice and hospitality.  His concept of justice is any wrong or right must be returned in kind.  Hospitality involves feeding his guests as richly as possible, even if he were to kill his last sheep and impoverish himself.  He will do all in his power to protect those under his sanctuary, and failing that, will wreak homicidal vengeance.

I'm having trouble coming up with a summary, and was trying to decide whether he should have a child to look after.  This would make him different from all those other vengeance seekers out there, because he would still have a point where he is emotionally vulnerable.  Most characters like this don't have anything to love anymore, so the only way to attack them is directly.  Sound like a good idea?  The original idea behind this character is a 'failed Adam' so if there was a child I would want it to be a boy.  That way there is no possible way to perpetuate the race.