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we are playing palladium fantasy rpg here in mexico but in the books is a map of a known world and they say you can´t get out of that pangea because there is a dimensional barrier but we have played in thata map for 5 years and i think it could be kind of cool if we got into a new continent but i dont know how to start makien thath continent (help!!)
and what explanation i should give to the players of how they got there and if theye are tha same gods creature or clases i want to make all new things but i dont know how to start can any one help me please  :?:

Ahhh, Palladium. My lost love. Be assured I will attempt to help you with this question, I just have very little time this week, I apologize. Will try and answer over the weekend :!:  :!:

last nights i was working on my campaign and i started to think about the new continent and the need of gods and i fell sleep thinking in that then in the morning i was buying a coke in the store and one of my players came by and said i was up so tonight we play again and i say yeah sure and then he ask me hey man what should a player have to do to be a god !!
and i said sorry i dont know and he reply i am a 15 level barbarin and i want tobe a god or make my character a god the i start a new one i only want my character to be remember  and thats the question how cana player can be a god?? (help) and is this a good idea for the new gods to be old characters'?
and what is a demi god ? please someone help me i was reading about that but i dont have a clue i spende all the night cheking the software for making maps but i didnt find one that i can posibly use  :?  well i think im juts getting old hahaha because the last days i dont have a clue of anything i need something new for my campaign .

A demigod is the child of a god and a mortal. They have great powers but are not as powerful as their god parents.

A character should not be allowed to play as a god. However, if they are willing to start a new character, and the old one has done some pretty impressive things, go ahead and make them a god. But then again, that's just my opinion.


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