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« on: June 12, 2005, 12:04:16 AM »
Name: Manarok-Z
Race: Cyborg
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

Manarok-Z (Manarok as well) was created in a Cyborg developing unit, was created for war, however his type was defective, and more self reliant, and rebellious. They deystroyed almost everyone of his kind, However he was the only (from what records show) remaining Manrok-Z cyborg. No one knows when this particular Cyborg was made, it was a top secret development program, yet only a select few of people knew about it. Mostly universal leaders of United Galaxies of Galactical Warfare (UGW).
The UGW makes anything dealing with galactical warfare, and well not many people knew about this project. They tried hard to keep it a secret, until finally they decided to cover it up and destroy all of them, for members of the UG (united Galaxies) where getting too close.
Their research and information was locked away and stored in an unknown location across the universe. They also changed Manarok's looks to resemble more of a human, and sent him out into reality, and took away his memories, and replaced them with fake ones.
Then they gave him the name of Volt's Kaiser, and if anyone where to say Manarok-Z they could reprogram him or possible unlock his trapped memory system.

Now he lives in an apartment of his own, pretty messy, and happens to be really lonely, with memories of the deaths of his known family. And waits for an opportunity to let go. "Uggh..." He was reading the papers that said TERROIST ATTACKS!!!. "Hmm... in the area huh? Well Im not much of a bounty hunter, but might as well give it a shot." He looks out his window, the army has the streets blocked off, tanks and soilders where everywhere, Including a few war mechs.
"It wouldn't be too hard, right?" He looked under his bed and pulled out a shotgun, then he also kept a knife with him as well as some ammunition obviously. The terroist's name was known as LORD. They where a religious terroist organization, under the name of a god called ANJON. Theve been picking pinpoint terroist attacks all across this world known as EARTH II.
Of course LORD had some followers and members of the organization, no one has an idea on how many.
Volt's rushed on out of the door and into a garage, and so he walked for his hoverbike, which also had two sets of pistols implanted close by the handle bars, as well as a boosting kit attached to increase speed.