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The Darkness Within
« on: July 07, 2005, 12:29:40 AM »
The wind blew heavily, Paige stood in a combat stance facing the man opposite, her hair flying everywhere, she was a tall girl around the age 19 with a large bust, with her waist-lenght hair was glossy black but shone purple in the dawn sunlight, her complexion a milky white, making her look constantly cold, her eye's shone an electric blue, she raised her long beutifull golden sword in front of her, and spoke with the warmest voice that any one had ever heared, "well give me a reason why I shouldent" she said looking the man right in the eye's, he wavered slightly as if debating if running away was a good idea, he was quite tall well built with sharp features, "I have no reason why you shouldn't kill me only that i don't have the information that you need" she stared at him, her cold eye's penertrating every inch of his body, "you lyer" she said bluntly looking into his eye's again, he shook his vigourously, "im not lieing, i promise" Paige shook her head "i don't believe you now tell me where i can find the group of assasins which killed my family!" the man shook his head again "i don't know" with a sudden swift movement Paige was on the other side of him, his place looked suddenly pale and he fell forward, blood now seeping through his tunic, "grrrr men" she cried, she stepped out of the alley way where they had been standing and walked over the cobbled road to the inn 'the three pigs' she opened the door, and a few squecks where heared from a few of the people situated at the tables strewn around the large carnevorous room, she walked to the bar "y-y-yes paige what do you want" said the bar tender with a frightened stutter, "a flaming tonic" she said flatly, the bartender past her her drink and she sat sipping on the red firer liquid in the glass, waiting with eye's wide for people she thought might no anything about the assasins.

not but a year ago a group of assasisns had invaded the village, they had burnt down houses and killed innocenet people Paiges mother had told her to hide underneath the house where no one knew where she would be, and her mother and father where killed, her younger brother had been taken and she didn't know what had happened to him since. since that day she had been training for the day when she finds the people and she kills them all, her mother was a mage and her father an animagi so she had inherited the art of both, but not fully if she transformed into her animal form she could only stay like that for three hours, and her magic was not so strong either, but she could do some impressive tricks, her animal form was a dragon so the three hours she is able to transform she is very strong and able to fight, in human form she is the most feared person in Tewon, but strangers from outside don't know who she is unless they have heared rumours.
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