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Revised Freeform Guidelines
« on: January 10, 2005, 09:07:57 PM »
Due to several recent roleplays, I have decided to recreate the Freeform rules and guidelines to make them more defined and read through. Please abide by them if you wish to become a part of a game.

_________________________________________________ ______________________
1) No/limited Munchkinism or God-moding.

(I am aware that some people enjoy the simple fighting-match roleplays, where two or more powerful people are locked in battle, but please limit the power to some extent - Two people trying to be the most powerful person simply creates increasingly absurd scenarios, and often ends in an ooc fight.)

Munchkinism is hereby defined as attempting to be the most powerful bieng in a particular roleplay.
God-moding is hereby defined as refusing to take 'hits', damage or drainage, whether physically or otherwise.

2)Never, EVER abuse somebody out of character. If someone abuses you, don't abuse them back - point an admin to the thread and it will be dealt with accordingly.

3)Please clearly define out-of-character statements by either placing OOC: before what you have to say, or wrapping the OOC text in the [OOC] [/OOC] tags.

4)Do not take control of any Players character other than your own, including actions or dialogue. In the case of NPCs, this rule can be stretched.

5)Please read over the posts you are about to make to ascertain that it 1: makes sense, 2: has correct spelling/grammar 3: flows with the story.

6)Do not kill another players character, unless it has been discussed and agreed by them beforehand. In this case, allow the player to write his own death.

7)Use magic responsibly. Don't cast a mighty spell with no ill-effects. Don't ever use insta-kills or cure-alls (Such as a potion or spell that instantly mends wounds without ill-effect.)

8)If you do not post for an extended period of time, your character may be taken control of by the GM, or temporarily removed to keep the game moving. This will often be done in a manner which allows you to rejoin later.

9)Use common sense.

_________________________________________________ _____________________

Many of these rules can be bent in a case-by-case scenario. These are not designed to restrict your games in any way, but rather to make the games fairer and more fun for everybody. If these rules are continually broken by one person, however (especially in the case of OOCly abusing someone), warnings may be given by admins via PM. If these warnings are ignored and the actions continue, it may result in further action bieng taken.
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