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Dragons honour
« on: January 04, 2005, 09:20:37 PM »
Sutherland Conquest: Dragons Honour®

   G   Ethel-Queen of Winder
   G   Thog-Mink of Thrad (Rambadon)
   G   Writh-Princess of Talhien (Leop)
   G   Joesiph-High Sorcerer of Isy
   G   Darn-King of Mala Cannon, Writh’s’ uncle
   E   Shi-King of Sablanc
   G   Syrien-King of Kin
   G   Bade-Dragon Queen of Kandabar
   E   Banis-Dragon King of High Land Provience
   E   Johl-Dragon King of Oaniaka
   G   Cindal-Dragon Queen of Rambadon
   E   Harlel-Dragon King of Secca
   G   Sorah-Dragon Queen of Isy
   G   Beral-King of Argus
   G   Lemen-King of Evensdale
   E   Le Soir-Queen of Shru
   E   Duria-King of the Dark Mountains, Darn’s brother
   E   Mordrid-King of High Land Provience
   G   Direcore-King of Kandabar

   Mink-Although the Earth Mink is small and frisky; the Sutherland type is large and strong. They have a very noble and faithful attitude, but are very hard to become trusted by. The one thing they hate most is being mocked. They live in the mountains of Rambadon and farm the mountain fruits and animals. They have very large communities, which live by the large rivers of the mountains. Some Mink families have even raised towns by the outskirts of the main capital, Nova. The Hunju Dynasty has been in power for the past 500,000 years.
   Thog and Syrien are the main Minks in Sutherland Conquest: Dragons Honour

   Human-Joesiph, Beral, Ethel, Le Soir, Mordrid and Direcore are the main Sutherland Conquest: Dragons Honour.

   Elf-Writh, Darn, Shi, Lemen, Duria are the main Sutherland Conquest: Dragons Honour.

   Dragon-Bade, Banis, Johl, Cindal, Harlel and Sorah are the main Sutherland Conquest: Dragons Honour.

   Citadel of Winder   Oaniaka
   Thrad (Mink)-Rambadon   Secca
   Talhien (Elf)-Leop   Argus
   Isy   Evensdale
   Mala Cannon   Shru
   Sablanc   Lands End
   Kin   Citadel of Wase
   Kandabar   Dark Mountains
   High Land Provience

   Sutherland was formally known as Wor, until the reign of the Shrus was finally put to end, the Shrus called Sutherland Wase. After twenty-six years of Shru power, the people were finally free. This caused the free lands of Wase to become re-united with Wase. They called this new land Sutherland. Countries were formed, alliances forged and enemies were re-ignited. And so, now begins the story of Sutherland.
out of the ashes of war, heros have risin, only to renew the flames.