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I realize that this is not a specific RPG related site. So any format is welcome, however, I have noticed that there are a lot of quality work being done with a setting and places I am not familiar with. That being said I can only assume that the people involved with putting their hard work up here have either their own system/ world/ setting that they are using, or are using a group setting.

Now, I have also created my own gaming system and a new world in which this syetm plays out on. What are the guidelines that I would need to follow to put information up about them? My first post having had some quick remarks about it working in other settings.

I have a few ideas I need worked out but how they work in a setting other than mine I can not say. I would just post these ideas up but I want feeback about them and I would hate for them to be over looked because I am not following a set of rules or guidelines to help make it clear.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Happy Holidays.

1) If your post is going to be setting specific, make sure to note that in the first line. Repeat after me... The first line.

2) You will also need to explain EVERYTHING in your post. We do not know what the Crimson Guard or a Gkyveki is, so that will need to be explained in the post. The only time that not explaining everything is okay is IF the information is either the setting is defined ON THE SITE, a link is included to where all the information is, or is in a commonly published setting. In the case of the last two, some explanation is still required as most people will not want to go to the the other site or have the game book.

3) Be warned that if it is not adaptable to a variety of settings, it will still be rated lower than it could be.

4) If you want to work on your setting with us, then create a thread for your setting in the setting forge. Start and explain the basics of your world. Then expand it to include various things about your world.  You can ask the community to help you by simply asking them specific questions.  

Please remember you get as much out of us as we perceive that you put into it.  So if you post short, minimally descriptive posts... you will get back short minimally descriptive posts.

Personal advice: Read the various forums for the settings (like Arth or Armorican Kingdoms  and then read some of the setting forge threads.  Once you have done that, you will have a feel for what we are looking for in a complete post and the things people will find useful about your game world.

5) There is no place here for working on game mechanics, unless you are giving the game system away on an open license or freeware sort of arrangement.

If I can make a personal comment. I have worked in the industry. Everyone wants to design a game and it will be great, but most people do not have the drive to do it.  After all, you will need to put together 32-96 pages of single spaced, two colum, text defining your game setting. You will need a RPG system that works and can be explained to others easilty. Your game will be measured by what is on the market, so it must be as complete and developed as any game on the shelves of your friendly local game store. The internet is littered with people who have "good ideas", but do not have the language skills and the drive to actually finish their work.  This rpg trash are the things that give web and indie games their bad reputation.

Don't believe me... PM Kinslayer here. He has done it.

6) If you are working on a game system and setting... might I suggest that you go play with the appropriate big kids. has a somewhat strong developer community. They are very serious about their work, but can be helpful.
RPG net has a strong developer community as well. It is filled with well meaning amaturs and some professionals.

If you are serious about game design. Then The Forge is the place for you.    If you can't make it there, then you are ill equipped about your design and probably will not finish it.

And there is also
GAMA is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of the hobby game business. Our mission is to promote the general interest of all those involved in the business of games. We do this by providing trade and consumer shows, bringing positive attention to the industry, and investing in membership programs that advance hobby games into the mainstream as well as providing benefits for our members.
The Game Publishers Association is a professional organization of publishers and manufacturers in the adventure and family game industry. Our mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, offer mutual support and assistance, further the entrepreneurial aims of our members, and collectively promote our companies, industry, and hobby.

Actually the entire manual is finished. It sits at roughly 250 pages so content wise I'm not concerned with.

I was mainly asking about ideas, for adventure ideas, special places, etc. Information to flesh out the history and the world, not the mechanics. I have three seperate gaming groups playtesting it and the reviews so far are good. Only one group I game with so it is the only one who would even slightly be biased. Luckily I have a bunch of grammer hungry, nit-pickey, power gamers in the one I am running so I found the flaws early on.

My goal in having done this in the first place was all personal. I know that I probably wont make millions doing this. Reality checked in a long time ago. I am doing it mainly for myself and my gaming group who are tired of the store bought carbon copy games out there. It's not a marketing thing, it's a principle thing. Im doing it for me.

I have put nearly a decade of work into it and the system itself is complete. I am just working on adventures, plot, scenario, history, etc. That was my main question.

However, not to sound like I am being a little bitter, I appreciate your info and I will endevor to do what you requested. I like that site here, and maybe I will entice someone here to take a gander at the pages I have written and enjoy it.


--- Quote from: "MoonHunter" ---
Don't believe me... PM Kinslayer here. He has done it.
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Well, if that wasn't bait...

Creating a game because you want to, for the enjoyment of that new system in play and the enjoyment of design, is perhaps the best reason of all.  This way, you've avoided setting yourself up for failure, unlike creating a game for fame, wealth, or acclaim.  

I also highly recommend for it's developer community.  It's not as large as the others, which lends greatly to its friendliness.  

As for guidelines, I can only second MoonHunter in that they should be as complete as possible.  Of course, many of your ideas might currently only exist half-formed, as a sentence or two of a vague idea.  This is true of settings, et al. for widely popular game systems, and a new idea isn't going to be familiar to anyone, at least until you tell us about it.  As for specific data blocks:  population size, imports/exports, magical features, etc. there isn't anything specific, as settings are as varied as the characters that dwell there and the game systems used.  Just try to include all of the pertinent information, and you should be fine.

Ancient Gamer:
This thread here was very helpful and would give answers to alot of would-be developers.
It could be made a sticky in the articles section...


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