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Author Topic: Refuge Beneath the Waves  (Read 19 times)

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Refuge Beneath the Waves
« on: January 27, 2015, 03:43:51 PM »
I have decided to fully flesh out Refuge Beneath the Waves (now its own Region) into a complete setting. My pie-in-the-sky dream is for the end result to be released as a book of the Citadel, with professional quality editing, illustrations, and layout. Not sure yet how that might play out, but I am keeping that in mind as my ultimate goal.

I also want this to be something that comes from the Strolenati as a whole, so participation is greatly encouraged here. Feel free to post ideas for the setting, as well as taking sections that need to be written up (but post your intention before starting so there's no confusion).

Some rough areas (to be expanded and shuffled; this section will suffer from regular edits):
  • Locations: General regions, major cities, as well as a number of minor settlements and some mines. Include a number of key NPC's as they relate to each location.
  • History: Pre-catastrophic (how they got there) and post (how things developed, political events, etc).
  • Technology: Steampunk, kalleum, farming, and other underwater goodness.
  • Culture: City life vs settlements vs outlaws. Different strata.
  • Economy: Food, transport, money, piracy, power...
  • Bestiary: Critters under the waves.
  • Adventures: One-offs and at least one major campaign.
  • Fiction?
  • Maps

Once this reaches a certain tipping point (a key region is defined and many of the biggest pieces are in place) it would be fun to test drive it through a forum PbP.

Once enough of the larger details have been sorted out, I'll probably update the main sub to include the most important new details. That way it will always serve as an overview of the entire setting and would be useful enough to any GM just wanting a general idea of things.

I expect to spend a good portion of 2015 working on this.
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