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Burning Sands - a brief history
« on: December 09, 2004, 11:16:24 AM »
The northern portion of this country was a lush grassland until the Kingdoms War, which left most of it a seared and tortured desert.  Indeed, were it not for the Serpensoria River, the Roylatorik kingdom would likely not have survived.  Indeed, Roylatorik remained a kay stopover point for traders headed up the Serpensoria River to the Port of Kings until it fell twenty years ago.  They say Fate and her sister Irony smirked upon Roylatorik, for the very element that had been carefully cultivated as a tactical advantage for so many generations of king was also its ultimate downfall.

The kings of old were conquerors, and recognized that an unknown force is a hundred times more dangerous than the army before you.  For this reason, each king made certain that not only were his warriors well-versed in the art of combat, but the women of his harem were as well, so that if Roylatorik were ever attacked and the palace breached, the attackers would face an unexpected threat from within.  After so many generations of focused training, the women made a beautiful but deadly addition to the royal defenses.

Unfortunately, the last king of Roylatorik, Mathesar, was a fool who sneered at the old ways.  It has been written that a palace built upon arrogance will soon fall, and Mathesar believed that there was no point in maintaining the harem's battle skills.  "We are a mighty empire!" he said to them, "Traders depend upon us, and none dare attack us.  Why, then, should you keep up such unwomanly skills as fighting and assassination, when you could be so much more useful in other areas?"  They soon learned what he meant by that, as he began hosting decadent gatherings with drinking and feasting, during which the harem was commanded to entertain his guests in any way the guests wanted.  If any of the harem refused, she was beaten in front of the others.  The humiliation and disrespect earned Mathesar not their respect, but their hate... and it is written that a man's hate may exist on the skin only, but a woman's hate runs to her bones.

Mathesar had been king for less than two months before the harem rebelled.  One night, while the king and his guests were sprawled in a drunken stupor after one of these gatherings, the harem struck, slitting the throats of the guests as they slept.  One of the guests was not quite asleep, and the cry he let out as his throat was slit woke the guards, who tried to fight back, but it is written that the army of hell is no match for the fury of a wronged woman.  Maddened by bloodlust and their hatred for Mathesar, the harem tore through the palace like harpies, painting the walls with blood and ultimately converging upon the throne room, where Mathesar slept.  He barely had time to scream before they fell upon him and tore him to pieces.

It is said that the women killed themselves in their frenzy after murdering their king, for when morning dawned over the palace, not a living thing could be seen to move.  The land ceased to be Roylatorik - the land of kings - and became known as Moratorik - the land of death.  Trading barges must be careful when passing through Moratorik, for those who stopped there for the night later arrive in Port of Kings crewless and abandoned, their sails and rigging in shreds, and their decks frequently stained with blood.  Only one man has ever set foot on the bank of Moratorik since its fall - one "Jimsonweed" Starling, captain of the Blood Ruby, and those who know him say it drove him mad, though some may protest that he was a little crazy before.

[Author's notes: I'm having a bit of trouble developing the area around Moratorik, esp. the area upstream along the Serpensoria... any help would be appreciated ^_^)
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