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Line-drawing improvements

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Barbarian Horde:
Had a bit of spare time this morning, so I've made the latest development with the mapmaker: I've incorporated a "real-time" pencil for drawing lines. Should I scrap the old line-drawing system completely or have them working in tandem as it is now? Anyway, try it out and enjoy the newfound flexibility with line-drawing.


Doh! Must have timed out. That was me posting the last message, if you hadn't guessed.



Makes a BIG difference and makes it much more useable. I think you should keep both options. Sometimes it would be convenient to be able to draw a long straight line. I personally would want both line types. But that new one rocks!!

Another thing I would like is perhaps the ability to choose tree, and be able to keep the same tree active and add as many of that type as I want without having to keep going back and clicking on tree.

Then the option of chosing a bigger size. and then and then and then.

You could always make a 'to do' list like me so you can keep looking at all the things you *want* to do.  :wink:

1. The ability to move objects after placing them.

2. The ability to change z-index.

3. Multiple instances of objects resulting from one button click.

4. Tidy up buttons.

5. objCount as global variable? Would speed things up. Just not sure that this would allow my delete function to work. Probably would.

6. Add writing.

7. View linked text windows.

8. Export.

9. Save.

10. Make sure symbols don't obscure buttons   :)

And eph, if you choose say, a tree, then click the mountain, without placing the tree, there's a tree on to of the mountain button. Just saying, if you could, and want to, please fix that. Other than that, GOOD JOB!  :wink:


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