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God's and their followers
« on: November 20, 2004, 03:05:19 AM »
Please help me i'm  GM one campain and i have problem's with god's and their follower's. On one side i got one strong god who look's like atlas. His followers are strong, loyal, with good disciplin like the great Spartans and on the other side are here peaceful people with. They aer wohrshiping nature spirits like the old druids.
1. some one is cosulting (druids) with (spartans) their religion and he doesn't like their religion. Wath kind of reakcion can he get from Spartans?
2. Spartans priests, should they be fanatic or little tolerant.

In this world is little magic and mages.
PLS help me with this.
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God´s and their followers
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2004, 10:37:50 AM »
I would help you with your problem... but I am not exactly sure what it is... and  I'm an native English speaker. I can not imagine what the non-native speakers are thinking about your post.

I have only one real comment at this time... SPELL CHECK. Put in your post, cut and paste it into a word processor, run the spell check, then cut and paste it back. Please.

1) Initelligable
2) Spartans were fantatics historically.  However, since your Spartan's Atlas like diety is more Lawful Good, than the historic Spartans approximate Lawful Neutral to Lawful Evil... they will be a different kind of fantatic.
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God´s and their followers
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2004, 03:51:33 AM »
I too cannot decipher the message... except maybe for a part of it. The question I find is interesting:

How will be the relations between different fantasy priesthoods?

If the priesthoods have opposing gods, see each other as evil, and consider it their duty to erase the other, well, then it is clear. A more or less open holy war is to be expected.

But what about priesthoods with not so clearly defined goals?

Historically, we know of many conflicts of priesthoods of the _same_ god (read The Name Of The Rose for a good intro, as well as a nice story). Religion and politics produced violent clashes, up to armies clashing for differences on how to read the Bible.

But this is fantasy. The priests, having their supporters, often have significant magical powers. In some high-magic worlds the High Priests end having the potential of tactical nuclear weapons. And the likely opponent can have these powers, too. In other worlds a Priest can at least (in theory) ask for the god's assistance... which is a worthy argument, too.

So what is likely be the relation between non-opposing priesthoods? What will the priests say about the others, to not provoke a holy war? I guess, in the end, it will be something like "Oh, they are quite fine, those spartans, nothing wrong about them. But you are right, their teachings are good for _some_ people only. Come join us!".
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God´s and their followers
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2004, 02:24:26 AM »
It depends upon how similar the faiths are, and the various cultures involved.  Historically speaking, it is those who share a religion--or one very close to it--that engage in holy wars with each other.  Practitioners of different religions might not have enough in common religiously to argue about. Also, some cultures accept that a person can follow different--even contradictory--belief systems.  

Specific answers
1:  I would have the (Spartan) response be one of indignation.  Anything that they perceive as a continued attack on their faith could lead to violence.  However, as long as the conversation didn't become heated/argumentative, then they might see it as a chance to convert the (Druid).  
2:  I would have them be a bit tolerant.  If their culture & faith are strong, then they can tolerate the existance of other religions as long as they are not crossed. If the (Spartans) are the dominant culture, they might not even see other faiths as valid, much less a threat to their way of life.
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