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As an ongoing part of my world, Terescence, a school simply named The Academy spends its time re-discovering renaissance and fantasy-renaissance type technologies. Basically, I'm looking for any ideas of interesting and unusual steam-punk type inventions. Here's a small list of some of the things I've so far compiled:

~Glycerin 48(an explosive goo, much like nitro, used basically in contruction and mining)
~Ornithoper(a small flying vehicle with wings like a bird)
~Steam engine(used to create power for many things, such as electric current, steam-boats and locomotives)
~Black power(used in firearms, as well as various explosives)
~Tesla Gun(fires short electric bursts using a chemical electric battery for charges)

This is just a tiny sample, but I'm looking for much, much more. It can be somewhat unrealistic, such as the ornithopter, but it must be unmagical. Think of the creations of Atremis Gordon from "Wild,Wild West" or Friar Carl in "Van Helsing".

Think about what theories have been proven wrong in our world, and make some of them ... right.
Say, if there was a luminiferous ether, you could have a vehicle with a propeller or wings using ether as their medium, thus ignoring wind.
If the theory about passing on acquired characteristics to your offspring is true, you can have a whole science dedicated to that.
If it is possible to transmute metals, you might have a MutaBlaster, which can transform an opponent's weapon into lead... or his wealth to tin.

Freeze blaster-Large iron device that resembles an over sized hair dryer.When the dial operating it is activated,the freeze blaster sucks in air that is immediately converted into hail stones.(Don't ask to me to explain the science behind the process.)

This leads me to a nice idea - what if there are cold-waves, much like there are heat waves (while, IRL, it is impossible to 'focus cold', in an alternative reality it could be)
So, there could be a frequence of radiations that cools stuff it hits, some sorts of flame could emit cold, ... simply, there could be a cold energy on the other side of absolute zero, unlike our definition of cold, which is an absence of heat...

There are hundreds of things that would/ could be discovered. The catch is, would your people think to rediscover them?  Or would they try to duplicate superior technology items (like hang gliders) with lower tech, or adapt existing tech they have access to to future problems (fax machines could be developed once you have primitive camera technology AND telegraph machines... in fact... if you thought about it and had the need to develop it... it would of been developed BEFORE the telephone).  

The big thing you are fogetting is clockwork mechanisms. Besides from clocks, there are autonoma of all sorts (repetive action robot arms and other mechanika are possible if one chose to develop them), wind up toys, grinding/ drilling tools (allowing you to make more accurate and precise mechanical devices.  

Of course, there is the Babbage Engine.

Suggestions: Search for the following: Steam Technology, Anacro-tech, retro-tech, steam punk.   Ninja Technology or Ninja Equipment might be a fruitful search as well

To find out what is really possible... choose what "time period" you want your technology to roughly emmulate. Then select a history of technology page that would have it. Just don't concentrate on "adventuring items". The changes to the world made by some of the most simple devices (paper clip) is pretty incredible.



These are good, but they are sites you have to dig in deeply to study.

The SteamPunk technology reminds me of Castle Falkenstein. You could check these sites for good inspiration. (and follow these to other sites)


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